Our Device as a Service solutions

Premium D4T

The market’s most flexible Device as a Service solution. Add devices anytime and return and change devices after just 12 months – without penalty!

Essential D4T

Simple Device as a Service. Want to work to a standard 3 year refresh? D4T Essentials is for you. Add devices anytime and return or refresh devices at the end.

As soon as we heard about the leasing model, for our hardware, it made total sense.

Devices for Teams means we can get access to the equipment we need then and there.

We’ve scaled up our operations. We wanted something very flexible.

Leasing, but not as you know it !

Benefits cash flow

Tax & Cash Flow Benefits

Small monthly payments, Opex tax friendly and flexible.

benefits flexible

Flex up or down

Switch, Add & Return devices – without penalty.

benefits support

Inclusive Support Plan

Gold 360° Support with each device. Upgrade to Platinum when you need to.

benefits partner for 35 years

Trusted Partner

Over 35 years experience partnering with Apple, Microsoft, Dell & Lenovo.

benefits productivity

Increase Productivity

Get the latest tech for your team; today not tomorrow.

Benefits obsolescence

Avoid Obsolescence

Upgrade your devices after just 10 months or Switch as your needs change.

One cash-flow friendly agreement. Unlimited possibilities.

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We supply hardware and support to hundreds of finance and technology companies. We empower businesses who need the ability to add, change and return their devices to suit changing times, projects and teams.

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FCA Accredited.
Apple Authorised Reseller.
Part of Apple Consultancy Network.
Microsoft Partner.
Lenovo Authorised Reseller.
5* Star Rated.

Devices for Greener Teams

An offer exclusive to Premium

To help you with your environmental and sustainability goals, we’ve created our greenest offer yet with some of the most eco-friendly devices on the market.

5x MacBook Pro, 10x Lenovo ThinkPad P14, 15x FairPhone 4: All 30 devices for £208 per week.

Devices for Greener Teams not only helps you on your way to Net Zero, but is an inexpensive way to provide your business with the latest and most energy efficient devices.

Our green devices have a reduced overall carbon emission equivalent to devices of a similar spec. From the extraction of materials to the manufacturing and eventual use of a device, less CO2 has been emitted into the atmosphere than in previous generations of the same devices.

View Devices for Greener Teams

Here is what our customers say about us

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    You’re in good company…

    “Devices for Teams felt right because we didn’t know exactly what we needed. We have 25 people now, but we’ll have 40 people in time – and we might want to change devices. We wanted something very flexible.”

    John, CTO at LloydsDirect by LloydsPharmacy

    “a super agile and flexible company that has enabled us to grow from 30 to 70 people in just 1 month. Helping us from getting Macs and PCs distributed to the UK and abroad and implement MDM solutions. Their wealth of knowledge and need for speed is a testament to the people who work there.”

    Bach, CTO at Weezy

    “the flexibility has allowed me to plan my budget and frees up my cash flow on projects, and I have been able to simply change to new equipment after two years, have also been able to return some devices no longer need.”

    Dan, Ops. Director at Brenbar Electrical

    “To move quickly and react to market changes and customer requirements, it’s very important to be able to spin up teams and spin them back down again, very rapidly. Devices for Teams delivers perfectly for this because we get access to the equipment we need, then and there.”

    Matt Lintott, Operations Director, Lab Digital Agency

    “Everything has been dealt with very efficiently. The machines that I have chosen arrive at my new employee’s house within a couple of days with the software we request preinstalled. This is a great way of supplying a workforce with up-to-date technology in a cost-effective way. Impressed.”

    Brendan O’Hara, Co-Founder of Untapped AI

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