13 reasons we are #1

What makes our DaaS solutions different?

With nearly 40 Years of experience, we pride ourselves on our bespoke Device as a Service solutions.

We are the ‘disruptor’ mixing finance, hardware and software  into a single solution for a new way of thinking.

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Reason #1

Switch, Add, Return

Switch, Add or Return any of your devices. Switch Windows to Mac, add more laptops, or return your desktops without hassle or penalty. Businesses need to be able to move with changing times, and our solutions give you the flexibility to adapt in an instant.

switch devices illustration with arrows and laptop and PC

Reason #2

Our customers love us

We’re the highest-rated computer leasing company in the UK according to Trust Pilot, with Five Stars and rated as Excellent.

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Reason #3

Your teams have unlimited choices

Give your team the devices they want. Laptops or desktops, Windows or Apple, a Lenovo or Dell, or anything in between, it doesn’t matter to us. Choose your devices according to your needs and we’ll provide them without any fuss. And, if there’s any uncertainty, we offer FREE 72-hour trials so you can see first-hand which high-end tech is right for you.

Reason #4

Expert support

Our experienced engineers want to know what drives your business and will want to understand the issues you have, and the goals you’ve set. They are members of the Apple Consultants Network and also have extensive knowledge on Windows so you can be sure your equipment will always be properly supported.

Apple Consultants Network logo with computer

Reason #5

Rewards for Teams

Our loyalty reward programme could mean you take home a new TV or even fly off to Greece. We want our customers to be rewarded for their loyalty so we’re providing the opportunity to choose from hundreds of offers.

rewards for teams floating rewards and devices

Reason #6

Bespoke financial solutions

Choose a solution which works for your business. Our Devices for Essential Teams and Devices for Premium Teams solutions can be tailored to the how, why, when and who of your organisation.

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Reason #7

SafeGuard Protection

If one or more of your devices gets stolen or broken, our SafeGuard Protection will limit the financial impact of replacing such an expensive asset. A rapid replacement means you’ll be up and running within 48-hours.

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Learn more about SafeGuard Protection cover

Reason #8

Boomerang: Repurpose your devices

Don’t be left not knowing what to do with vacant devices when employees leave. Throw the device our way and it’ll be fully wiped clean and re-deployed, ready to return to the next employee.

boomerang going around box

Reason #9

Trade-in and recycle

The value of your tired devices can be put towards the cost of a new laptop or desktop. Our trade-in solution is a convenient, yet cost-effective way to be rid of unwanted computers. What’s more, we provide a sustainable end of life recycling service, completely free-of-charge, to ensure old devices are ethically disposed of.

recycle logo in green with devices inside

Reason #10

A single source for everything

We’re a one-stop solution for financing, payments, paperwork, hardware delivery and tech support. It’s all handled by us in one place, giving you a simple, transparent, and speedy way to get new devices for your teams.

hard soft leasing with buildings and computer

Reason #11

Get up and running straight out of the box

We can enrol, configure and deploy as many devices as your teams need, whether that’s 10, 100 or 500 machines, Mac or Windows, iPhone or tablet. Add security and an MDM solution such as JAMF or Autopilot so your teams’ devices are ready and secure straight out the box.

lorry carrying boxes with devices

Reason #12

Carbon offset your computers for just 3%

Easily and affordably offset the CO2 emissions produced by your new and existing computer devices with our Carbon Offset Service. Directly invest in sustainable and environmentally beneficial projects around the world to help towards your business’s net zero goals.

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Reason #13

Personalised account portal

Take control with your own, dedicated account portal. See your devices, payments, support entitlement, and more, all within one simple dashboard. Book a support call or order additional devices. Your account portal gives you everything you need to make Devices for Teams work for you. Plus, an account manager will be on hand if you need them.

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