15 Apple and Windows Devices for your Team

DaaS with ZeroFaff for £88 per week

Devices for Teams equips your office with the latest tech in the most flexible and affordable way. This bundle includes 15 devices for just £88 per week, together with our Gold Support wrapper as standard.

Why not give your employees the option to choose their own devices, too? Get each device pre-configured the way they need to be before delivery, and manage everything remotely with a powerful MDM solution to keep everything safe.

Learn more about Devices for Teams (PDF)

Build Your DaaS Solution


With every device asset being an ongoing, operational expenditure, Devices for Teams gives you the technology your teams need without stretching your budget to breaking point.

This means there’s no large upfront fees and you get to retain the bulk of your cashflow to invest in your product, services, and other areas to scale your business.


It’s no good being stuck with the same device for 36 months, which is why our customers can switch to something more suited after just 12 months to beat obsolescence. What’s more, if you find yourself with too many devices after a year, then send back what you don’t need without penalty.


Having the devices you want, with the flexibility to change things to your needs is just the start of the journey. Our support team are members of the Apple Consultants Network while also being experts in windows devices too, meaning they’ll keep everything running and will be on hand for any issues you have.


We pre-configure all the settings, apps, and specs you need for the job at hand before your devices get shipped, and they’ll be ready to go straight out the box! Your kit will be completely personalised to the needs of your business and can be remotely managed to easily push updates and security patches.

Mobile Device Management

Add advanced security to all your devices from a central location, giving you complete control over your data, apps, permissions, and more. An MDM solution helps facilitate a fully-functioning work-from-home policy where all company, or personally-owned devices can be used reliably, without compromising valuable data.

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