All systems pro 3 x MacBook Pro 13

It’s DaaS without any FaaF…

Get 6 Apple devices for your teams from £38 + VAT per week! Designed to fit around your team. Devices included in this offer:

3 x MacBook Pro 13″
M1 chip, 8GB RAM, 25GB SSD

2 x iPhone 12 Pro
A14 chip, 6.1″ OLED display, 128GB,

1 x iPad Pro 12.9″
M1 chip, 12.9″ XDR display, 128GB

6 x Apple devices for your teams

Choose your DaaS Solution – Devices for Essential or Premium Teams

Devices for Essential Teams
6 x Apple devices for £38 + VAT per week

3 year standard cycle on your devices.

No option to change or return the devices within the 3 years.

Apple devices to suit your budget.

Devices for Premium Teams –
6 x Apple devices for £40 + VAT per week

Flexible solution to fit your business needs – always.

Options to change your devices after 12 months – no penalty!

Option to return up to half your devices after 12 months – with no penalty!

Supercharge your teams with the right devices at the right time.

Choices Apple devices on any spec.

The benefits of DaaS

Increase productivity in the workplace

The benefits of choosing Devices for Teams solution; it has cash flow and tax benefits, flexibility, and increases productivity in the workplace. Get the perfect setup to support your business now and in the future.

Device as a Service gives businesses the freedom to be able to pay for their hardware instead of paying an upfront lump sum when you buy them outright instead. You also have the freedom to be flexible as you can Add, Switch and Return your devices as and when you need to – without penalty. HardSoft’s FaaF free DaaS solution – Devices for Teams.

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