Supercharge business with Surface - 3 x Surface Pro 7+, 2 x Surface Laptop 4, 1 x Surface Duo - All 6 Surface devices for £50 p/w

It’s DaaS without any FaaF…6 x Surface devices.

Supercharge your business with 6 x Surface devices from £47.50 + VAT per week! Designed to fit the needs of your teams, devices included in this offer below:

3 x Surface Pro 7+
i5, 12.3″ display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD,

2 x Surface Laptop 4
11th Gen i7, 15″ display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

1 x Surface Duo
Dual 8.1″ AMOLED, Snapdragon 855, 256GB

6 x Surface devices for your teams

Choose your DaaS Solution – Devices for Essential or Premium Teams

Devices for Essential Teams
6 x Surface devices for £47.50 + VAT per week

3 year standard lease lifecycle on your devices.

No option to return or change the devices within the 3 year agreement.

Microsoft Surface devices to suit your budget.

Devices for Premium Teams –
6 x Surface devices for £50 + VAT per week

A flexible solution that fits your business needs always.

Options to change devices after 12 months – with no penalty!

Options to return up to half of your Surface devices after just 12 months – with no penalty!

Get the latest tech for your teams at the right time.

Choices of Surface and other brands on any spec.

Meeting/presentation in a meeting room using laptop devices

Get the latest tech for your teams with Devices for Teams

Whether you need Apple or Windows devices or even a mix of both, we can provide it all for your teams. The benefits of Devices for Teams are endless; It’s perfect for cash flow, it increases productivity in the workplace, it gives you true flexibility and 360° Support on all of your devices.

Devices for Teams by HardSoft offers a unique and flexible DaaS (Device as a Service) subscription that we have tailored for dynamic, high growth businesses. Built and designed around your business for maximum flexibility and less faff!

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