switch devices

Switch your tech as your needs change- without penalty!

Switch PC to Mac or vice-versa… Switch Laptops to Desktops or vice-versa.

Business needs change, your employees needs change. Switch to what you need, when you need to without fear of hidden fees and penalties.

Unique to our Devices for Premium Teams solution.

Call 0203 970 4994 to discover how.

add devices

Add – scale up your tech as you scale up your business.

Add your choice of Device to either our Essential or Premium solutions when you need to.

Anytime from Day 1 to Day 1000 we can Add and ship a Device of your choice from Smartphone to Laptop to Desktop.  There’s little paperwork, no admin fees. Just add what you need and we can normally ship within a day or two.

return devices

Return- scale down your devices if your business needs change

We live in changing times. It’s difficult to predict where your business is heading.

Uniquely our Premium solution allows the Return of redundant or excess kit without a Penalty.

If you follow a purchase model that means scrapping devices with losses to the organisation.

Devices for Teams means paying for just what your business uses. You can then concentrate on getting back on track.

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