60 Apple & Windows devices.
£310 per week.

Device as a Service is perfect for scaling up businesses that are looking to get all their devices, support, and configurations in one place. Devices for Teams offers a FaaF free DaaS solution. Choose between our Devices for Essential teams or Devices for Premium teams solution.

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      Why choose Devices for Teams?

      The concept of DaaS (Device as a Service) allows businesses to pay monthly for their hardware instead of buying the devices upfront.

      Many companies have crossed over to this way of getting their hardware from a supplier as it also comes with support and management on the devices as well as giving them cash flow benefits.

      Devices for teams offers a flexible approach to leasing. This allows your business to flex up and down when you need to throughout the agreement (*Premium only). You will also receive a complete 360° Support Wrapper which includes deployment, pre-configurations and remote diagnostics.

      Benefits to Devices for Teams

      Unrivalled Flexibility
      Only pay for the devices you use. Flex up and down as and when you need to.

      Financial Success
      A cash flow friendly Device as a Service solution. Affordable monthly payments, OpEx friendly, and support & warranty included.

      Deployment & Support
      We fully support every device throughout! We can organise zero-touch deployment and configure and deliver the devices before you receive them.

      Supercharge Productivity
      Personalise your device for your teams so you have no more depreciating assets.

      Trial for 72 hours!

      Get the chance to trial your devices before you commit!

      Find out for yourself how the latest devices for your teams can change the way your business runs – in a positive way! Whether you want to trial the latest MacBook, a Surface Pro, or even a Samsung Galaxy, we can give you a full road test on them.

      Looking to completely change your kit or just provide a few members of your teams with something different? Kit out your team for 72 hours and upload all your software, data, and everything you need for them whilst you’re fully testing the devices out so you can get the best experience from them to see if they are right for you and your business.

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      Full Support & Zero-touch deployment included!

      We’re here to give you the full package! Unlike other DaaS (Device as a Service) solutions, our Devices for Teams delivers everything you need so you have no hassle. It’s a FaaF free service!

      Our Gold 360° support package is included with every device. This includes warranty, tech support, and loan devices if one needs to be repaired. Before you receive your devices, we can deploy and pre-configure them to each individual need so your team can start work as soon as possible – without delay! If you need zero-touch deployment, we offer Apple Business Manager, Samsung Knox, and Microsoft Intune. You can also choose from an array of MDM solutions such as Jamf.

      If your business requires a more comprehensive support package, then our Platinum 360° support package can provide all of the above plus the additional benefits of lifecycle management, quarterly strategic security review, a user cloud backup solution and quarterly activity reporting.

      Find out more how you can add cover to your devices with our Find out more how you can add cover to your devices with our Safeguard Protection.

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