60 Apple Devices for Teams. £365 per week.

Our faff-free DaaS solution. We have two options to suit every business needs. Devices for Essential teams is our affordable and Devices for Premium teams is our most flexible.

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      Why choose Devices for Teams?

      Be flexible as you want Switch, Add, Return your devices as and when you need to – without penalty.

      Unlike other DaaS (Device as a Service) solutions, HardSoft’s Devices for Teams gives you more than just hardware. We tailor it to your business needs, providing you with the latest IT equipment with full warranty and technical support. We also provide enrolment, configuration, and deployment so we can ensure your team members receive devices that are tailored precisely to their needs.

      Add, Switch, or Return devices with NO penalties on our Premium solution. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, choose our Essential solution.

      Benefits to Devices for Teams

      Unrivalled Flexibility
      Flex up and down as your business requires. Only pay for what you use!

      Financial Success
      Our Device as a Service solutions are OpEx friendly that provides financial freedom and frees up your cash flow. You also get full support included so no costly repairs.

      Deployment & Support
      We configure, deliver, and support every device! We also can install zero-touch deployment via Apple Business Manager and support your devices throughout.

      Supercharge Productivity
      We can personalise devices for your team to produce their best work. No more depreciating assets.

      Trial Apple!

      Find out for yourself how Apple can help your business

      We offer you the chance to trial the latest MacBook so you can find out first hand what the brand new M1 chips can do to completely change your workplace.

      Whether you need your equipment in the office, working from home or even a location you’re at temporarily, you can road test the latest equipment for 72 hours and then make your decision based on you using the device.

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      Zero touch deployment

      We will deploy and pre-configure your Apple devices before you receive them. We will do this for your specific business and user requirements so that your IT department doesn’t need to do anything. Your equipment will then be sent straight to the person that requires the device.

      There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to IT, and we know setting up your equipment can take time. We ensure your devices are configured to meet your needs! Our highly-trained and experienced engineers will customise your tech to suit your business needs, and certify that everything is ready before it reaches your teams.

      Find out more how you can add cover to your devices with our Safeguard Protection.

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