Mac for business. Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip. All 10 Apple devices for £65 per week +VAT

It’s DaaS without any FaaF…10 x Apple MacBook devices

Get Mac for business that is supercharged by Apple M1 chip from £61.75. The MacBook’s included:

5 x MacBook Air
M1 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

5 x MacBook Pro 13″
M1 chip, 8GB RAM, 25GB SSD

10 x Apple M1 devices

Choose your DaaS Solution – Devices for Essential or Premium Teams

Devices for Essential Teams
10 x Apple devices for £61.75 + VAT per week

3 year lifecycle on your Apple devices.

No options to return or change your MacBooks within your 3 year lease.

Apple devices to suit your budget.

Devices for Premium Teams –
10 x Apple devices for £65 + VAT per week

A flexible solution to suit business and their needs always.

Option to change your devices after 12 months – no penalties!

Option to return up to half of your Apple devices after 12 months – no penalties!

Supercharge your teams with the right devices all the time.

Wide range of Apple, Microsoft & Windows on any spec.

Woman using Apple devices

Our flexible DaaS solution allows business to pay monthly for their hardware

Pay monthly for hardware instead of buying them and paying a huge sum before even using the devices. It’s cheaper and more flexible than buying for a rapidly changing world.

HardSoft offer Devices for Teams which simply allows businesses to Add, Switch, and Return their devices as they need – without penalty. This flexible DaaS solution comes with 360° Support & Deployment so your teams are fully setup from day one.

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