Apple M3 Chipswith Devices for Teams

Which Apple M3 chip suits your needs? The M3 has been designed just for Apple, and provides the latest Mac devices with incredible power and performance levels.

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MacBook Pro M3 chips
M chip scarily fast

Apple M3 chips

The entry-level M3 chips are designed specifically for Mac, and boast innovative 5-nanometer process technology with 25 billion transistors. This delivers dramatically improved efficiency and unmatched performance.

The CPU performance cores and efficiency cores are 30 percent and 50 percent faster than those in M1, respectively.  Expect more from M3 MacBook and iMac devices, with a giant leap in performance and efficiency for Mac users.

M PRO chip scarily faster

Apple M3 Pro

The all-new M3 Pro chip takes the MacBook Pro to a whole new level of capability. Packed with 37 billion transistors and an 18-core GPU, it delivers blazing-fast performance for even the most demanding graphics-intensive tasks.

Experience the difference:

  • Up to 40% faster GPU compared to M1 Pro, powering through complex visuals with ease.
  • Tackle larger projects on the go with support for up to 36GB of unified memory.
  • Get things done faster with a 12-core CPU featuring six performance cores and six efficiency cores, offering up to 30% faster single-threaded performance than M1 Pro.
M MAX chip scarily fastest

Apple M3 Max

The M3 Max chip redefines what’s possible on a MacBook Pro. Boasting 92 billion transistors and a 40-core GPU, it unleashes unmatched performance for the most demanding professional tasks.

  • Dominate graphics-intensive workflows with a GPU that’s up to 50% faster than M1 Max.
  • Work with massive datasets and transformer models with support for a groundbreaking 128GB of unified memory. Ideal for AI developers pushing the boundaries of innovation.
  • Experience groundbreaking CPU performance: The 16-core CPU, featuring 12 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, delivers up to 80% faster performance than M1 Max.
  • Revolutionise your video editing: M3 Max boasts dual ProRes engines, making even the highest-resolution video editing in DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro smooth and effortless.
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