Why M1/M2? Fast, secure & reliable

The M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, and M2 chips have been designed specifically for Mac, integrating the CPU, GPU, and RAM in to one tiny chip, resulting in  faster CPU performance, faster GPU performance, and faster machine learning!

The M-Series chips also improve the power efficiency of your device, giving you greater battery life. Enjoy improved productivity levels thanks to a host of new iPad and iPhone apps working directly on your Mac, and seamless integration with your other devices.

Discover industry leading security features such as Touch ID, Data Protection, Memory Protection, and FileVault to ensure your devices, and your team, are protected.

Which chip is right for you?

Unleash even more power with M1 Ultra and Mac Studio

Mac Studio comes in two versions – M1 Max or M1 Ultra. The difference with M1 Ultra is that it’s a joining of two M1 Max chips via a low-latency interface which essentially doubles the amount of CPU and GPU cores and can achieve double the performance than M1 Max-equipped Mac devices.

M1 Ultra is a 20-core CPU with 16 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. It features a 48-core GPU, 32-core Neural Engine and 800GB/s memory bandwidth.

M1 Ultra delivers up to 90 percent higher CPU performance than even the fastest 16-core PC desktop chip. It achieves this power while also using 100 watts less power. At its peak, M1 Ultra is faster than the highest-end GPUs available, while using 200 watts less power.

The benefits of using M1- and M2-powered Apple Mac

Supercharged Performance
Power through intense tasks with the world’s fastest CPU core.

Power Efficiency
Be amazed with how Mac combines numerous powerful technologies all in one single chip.

Easy to use
The M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra and M2 chips help you to power through your projects with ease.

Compatible with Microsoft 365 & iOS Apps
Mac works with your existing productivity tools such as Microsoft 365, G-Suite to iOS Apps, and more.

Transition to M1 now with D4T

Equip your teams with M1 powered Mac’s with D4T! Our DaaS solution allows businesses to provide their team with the latest Apple devices, for a small monthly payment! Good for your team, good for your cashflow.

Our bespoke Devices For Teams solution is tailored specifically for your business. Premium D4T allows customers to Add, Switch, and Return devices throughout the lease, without any financial penalties! Essential D4T is a straightforward DaaS solution for those wanting a 3-year device lifecycle. You can return or refresh devices when you lease expires.

Free 72 hour trial

FREE Trials

Make the move to Mac

D4T also offer FREE 72-hour trials of the latest M1 and M2 devices! Find out first-hand what the latest tech can do for you and your business. We will deliver a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13″ to your workspace for you to use however you please. Once the 72 hours are up, we will collect and wipe the device, keeping your data secure.

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Switching to Apple M1 couldn’t be simpler

When it’s time to upgrade or switch to M1 and M2 Macs – don’t forget about your old devices. Trade-in you old Intel Mac and we’ll give you cash off your new Apple M1 or M2 Mac. Devices for Teams will recycle your old devices so you don’t have to!

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Schedule a call with our IT Director

Thinking about making the jump from Intel to M1 or M2? Worried about compatibility issues? Book a FREE hour consultancy call with our IT Director Scott Harrington! Scott has over 35 years experience in tech, and you can book an hour long slot with him to discuss your transition to M-Series and macOS Monterey. We want to help you future-proof your business and transition friction-free!

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scale up start up

DaaS for Startups and Scaleups

Unrivalled flexibility and support

We have been helping Startup and Scaleup businesses with their IT for years. Whatever stage of the fundraising cycle your business is at, we know that during this period of growth, things move fast. You’ll need new devices for new staff members as soon as possible.

By leasing your IT equipment with our Devices For Teams solution, you can avoid the expensive upfront costs of buying your teams equipment. Pay monthly via our flexible DaaS solutions, which allows you to flex up and down devices as you need to, without penalty!

Another benefit of our DaaS solution is HardSoft Leasing, which is our own finance company. With HardSoft Leasing, there are no external third-party finance houses to deal with, helping you get your M1 powered devices even quicker!

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