Business benefits of DaaS

We understand that your business is dynamic, and teams and projects can change. Our Device as a Service solutions will provide you with flexibility to match your business needs. Add, Switch, or Return your devices – without penalty! Equip your teams with the right Apple and Windows devices so they can produce their best work.

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Benefits for CEOs – Flex up and down

Devices for Premium Teams provides your business with unrivalled flexibility. Ensure your devices match your business needs at any time. The Device as a Service solution allows you to add new devices any time, change devices as you need and return up to 50% of devices after just 1 year.

Get access to the latest Apple, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Dell and HP devices on terms that suit your budget. Dynamic businesses can finally find freedom with Devices for Teams.

D4T Benefits

Unrivalled flexibility with DaaS

Devices for Teams by HardSoft is a unique and flexible DaaS (Device as a Service) solution and is tailored for dynamic, high growth businesses. Enjoy the benefits that come with Devices for Teams – add new devices, change or return within your agreement.

Devices for Teams solution gives you complete peace of mind. We take care of the entire order from the warehouse, logistics, and delivery all the way through to deployment and support throughout your subscription. It really is DaaS without the faff!

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D4T Benefits

Increase productivity in the workplace…

By everyone having the latest tech that they need! Devices for Teams by HardSoft is designed to meet the needs of your business. Your CFO, CTO and your employees can benefit and increase their workflow with the right tech.

This unique DaaS solution is perfect for businesses that need the right tech at the right time! Pay for your devices on a monthly subscription – ideal for businesses who need to cover 40-400 employees.

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