19th August 2023

Are Chromebooks Suitable For The Education Market?

Carissa Parnell

Chromebooks are an excellent choice for schools because they are light, affordable, and have a great reputation for security.

Why is a lightweight so beneficial for schools? – Children and adolescents of various ages must be able to transport them easily from home to school and from class to class in busy school corridors, along with their schoolbooks without back or shoulder strain.

Why is a low price point so beneficial for schools? – Whether it is state schools on strict funding or private schools and academies with their own funds, education institutions are often on tightly controlled budgets. They have to provide IT equipment for a large number of pupils and despite IT skills being so crucial, IT is still often overlooked in terms of funding to schools because its essential nature has been underestimated until very recently.

Why is cybersecurity one of the most crucial factors for schools? – Cybersecurity is increasingly important for all of us. Whether you’re a business, a school, or an individual customer. As technology advances, so too do the ambitions of hackers, scammers, and malware. Children are especially vulnerable as they have less experience. Not only do they need to be protected from hacking, but also exposure to inappropriate content on the web and apps that will distract them from their schoolwork.

What Is A Chromebook?

A Chromebook is an affordable lightweight laptop running the Chrome operating system.

Chromebooks are often associated with having less power, RAM, and storage, yet this isn’t always true or central to what makes a Chromebook. As long as a laptop is built running the Chrome OS system, it can be considered a Chromebook.

Many Chromebooks, especially the latest models can rival Windows laptops in their power and performance. Device storage does frequently tend to be lower as Chromebooks rely on the cloud.

The Rise Of The Chromebook In Education

The popularity of Chromebooks surged during the pandemic years. This is owing to the fact that many schools needed to pivot very rapidly to providing a fleet of laptops for their students to do home learning.

While independent learning and high IT literacy were already important for pupils’ future job prospects and an agenda being encouraged by the government, the bureaucracy, red tape, and budgets of schools (whether state, private or academies) meant that 1:1 computing in the form of laptops for all pupils had not yet been achieved by many institutions.

Despite this, the pandemic accelerated the urgency of 1:1 computing for schools.

Chromebooks were a cost-effective and quick solution to the problem.

The Temporary Fall Of The Chromebook

Interestingly, Chromebooks did experience a temporary fall from grace recently.

A few years on from the pandemic and many schools and customers were dissatisfied with some of the Chromebook family. This was down to a lack of durability, longevity and the devices being not being the most repairable compared to standard laptops.

In fact, a report by the US Public Interest Research Fund advised schools against Chromebooks, due to their lack of reliability and sustainability.

Yet, this is absolutely not a universal trait of Chromebooks.

The Return Of The Chromebook

Such as with other laptops, not all Chromebooks are created equal.

Durability and longevity are two important computer hardware traits that are often conflated and confused:

  • Durable means it can withstand a lot of rough treatment. This is valuable for a school laptop because children can accidentally be rough or careless with equipment.
  • Longevity refers to how long the device stands up to heavy daily use. This is also useful to schools because children should be using the hardware in most classes and for homework, which can be considered heavy use. Schools want to get their money’s worth on their investment and so longevity is crucial.

The other issue that the Public Interest Research Fund highlighted was repairability. The main issue here is laptop repair shops not stocking the correct parts for Chromebooks and having more parts for standard laptops with Windows operating systems. It is not related to the repairability of the device itself.

However, this is rapidly changing, and repair hubs are catching up with the popularity of Chromebooks after the past few years and are now stocking more parts. Chromebooks are increasingly repairable.

More modern Chromebooks have taken a lot of the previous criticisms on board, and they have become stronger and more durable. Higher-end Chromebooks are often still far more affordable and lightweight than other laptops but do not suffer from the same failings around durability etc.

Schools should definitely consider Chromebooks for their students and not be put off by the report.

Chromebooks cover lots of different models by a number of manufacturers. Schools can choose Chromebook models from the best manufacturers to get the best value for money.

In fact, there are Chromebook models that solve previous criticisms, are high performing, remain affordable, and best of all, they are built especially for schools.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebooks are some of the best on the market. They have been designed for the school environment with a big focus on durability, security, and interactive learning.

Why The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Is Perfect For Schools

We can unreservedly recommend Samsung Galaxy Chromebooks for schools for two major reasons:

  • They have been specifically designed for the education setting.
  • They have made vast improvements to Chromebooks delivering excellent power, performance, and above all, durability.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Features:

  • Built Specifically For Schools
  • Upgraded Performance and Specs with more RAM and speed
  • Enhanced Durability with military-grade testing
  • Ultra-Portable
  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Chrome OS is in-built and perfect for using Google Classroom
  • Interactive Learning Display with crisp, high resolution, touch screens
  • Versatile Learning Formats – The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 can be used as a laptop or a tablet
  • Easily affordable and cost-effectively insurable when you lease from Devices For Education Teams and add SafeGuard cover against theft, spills, flood, fire, and accidental damage.
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