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20th April 2023

Benefits of IT Leasing for Scaleups

Ryan Kelly

If you’re already researching IT leasing, then you will likely already be aware of many of the core advantages, such as spreading equipment costs and ample tax benefits. But did you know that IT leasing is especially beneficial to scaleup style companies compared to buying?

IT equipment leasing stands to benefit the scaleup business model most of all since it can potentially provide the most flexibility geared towards rapid growth and sudden change.

In fact, the IT leasing structure of the Devices For Teams solution is particularly suited to the needs of scaleup companies and was designed with this business style in mind.

Before outlining why Devices For Teams is the perfect match for scaleups, let’s analyse why IT leasing in general is the best answer for scaleups’ IT supply chain.

What Is A Scaleup Company And Why Is It Different From Other Businesses?

A scaleup is a rapidly growing, highly profitable business, but it is also more specific than that. You can have a business experiencing positive growth that is not necessarily a true scaleup. People and business owners often confuse startups, scaleups, swiftly growing businesses, and unicorn companies.

To qualify as a true scaleup, a business must display growth of 20% for at least two consecutive years in either employee numbers or profits.

Scaleups also tend to be looking for investment to fuel their quick growth. However, unlike startups, scaleups will be at their Stage B or C rounds of funding, i.e. later on in their development, with already proven success under their belt.

A scaleup is not necessarily a unicorn. A unicorn business can be a startup or a scaleup but its definition necessitates it being valued at $1 billion before being listed on the stock market. It’s an extremely successful example of a startup/scaleup but a scaleup can be any level of quickly expanding company that has grown by 20% for at least two years.Blog image with Scale Start image

What Are The Unique Challenges And Goals of Scaleup Businesses?

As an ambitious, quickly growing business, scaleups, much like startups, need to be able to pivot swiftly. This could mean several new campaigns or projects, it could mean a brand-new department, it could mean adding multiple new types of revenue streams, and it could even mean stopping one avenue of business completely and changing direction.

Quick change is the core concept. The goal is whatever successfully brings that continued quick growth without over-compromising stability.

Rapid changes can be challenging to achieve without losing stability and the direction of the company becoming lost. A strong vision, strong leadership, solid investment, and careful planning are essential for it to work. What they truly require is flexibility in various areas of the business to allow for these successful quick changes and investments.

What Do Scaleups Require From Their IT Equipment?

Just as with all areas of their business, scaleups require quality, performance, and above all, flexibility from their IT equipment. They need to be able to open or fold a department quickly. They need to be able to invest in staff and their tools but not be trapped if that project doesn’t yield results.

This is why leasing IT equipment brings far more benefits to scaleups than buying would. It enables you to access the highest quality hardware in an affordable, cost-spreading manner, while not trapping the business with certain hardware that might not be relevant next year for your business plan.

What Are The Benefits Of IT Leasing For Scaleups?

  • Cost spreading
  • Flexibility
  • Tax benefits
  • Upgrades

The cost spreading aspects and tax benefits of IT leasing are a huge boon to any business, but they are especially valuable for scaleups. This is so that they can make the most of their funding and prove the value of their growth to investors.

The extra cashflow adds to the scaleups flexibility and choice into which projects they can invest each month. They have more capital to try various profit-driven experiments.

IT leasing can take many different structures, including a subscription structure, renting structure, or working towards ownership structure. This gives the scaleup plenty of choices when it comes to the relationship that they have with their IT equipment. It also doesn’t lock them into hardware that might not be relevant if their plans suddenly change.

The ability to access upgrades comes with many IT leasing solutions. Therefore, scaleups have many opportunities to access cutting-edge technology for their staff to do their best work and achieve the fastest results. This is crucial for scaleups in fast paced industries like tech.

Why Does Device For Teams Provide Even More Benefits For Scaleups Than Other Leasing Options?

Devices For Teams is an IT leasing solution that is uniquely built to benefit the needs of scaleups.

In addition to cost spreading and upgrades, Devices For Teams provides:Blog image with ready to scale up, lets's get started image

  • DaaS structure – Devices For Teams is a DaaS-style lease. It works on a subscription with auto upgrades in-built and a focus on the service and extras it provides, not just the hardware itself. Scaleups can, therefore, access a range of IT services in one package.
  • Add, switch, or return hardware – This is what makes Devices For Teams the most flexible DaaS solution on the market. Not only can scaleups upgrade their hardware, but you can scale their lease up or down as needed. You can increase the size of the lease to add more devices or downsize it. You can switch from certain types of devices to entirely new equipment if projects and roles change. You can even return hardware that you no longer require without penalty.
  • Extensive IT support – With technical, installation, deployment, cybersecurity, troubleshooting, and strategic support from hardware experts, Devices For Teams can fill the shoes of an in-house IT department. Scaleups can get everything they need in one place.
  • Full life-cycle management – Whether it’s green recycling, repurposing and repairing for new staff members, or storing IT equipment, Devices For Teams takes care of the whole process, freeing up more time for scaleups to concentrate on new profits.
  • MDM management – Devices For Teams goes far beyond supplying hardware. It works with companies, including scaleups with a spectrum of IT services to make their operations easier and their goals more achievable. MDM management is one of many services offered in this DaaS-style solution. By adding devices to an MDM, businesses can better control how staff utilise the hardware, including what apps they use and how data moves through their networks. Businesses can even use this to wipe data from stolen or lost devices. It puts control and security in business managers’ hands whether they are overseeing in-office staff, WFH staff, or a mixture.
  • Remote deployment – Yet another service that makes life easier for busy scaleups is remote deployment and full configuration of devices while en-route to their staff, even WFH staff. Businesses can use this to order and deploy hardware to their staff and have each device configured personally for every employee with their apps and accounts. It boosts productivity and prevents downtime.
  • Customisable support – Devices For Teams is highly customisable, which is one of the reasons it is brilliantly flexible for scaleups. The support itself can be tailored to the business’s needs in terms of the amount of support and the type. Devices For Teams has Gold and Platinum support plans, as well as additional, optional add-ons. The result is that both larger, and smaller level scaleups can choose solutions that are right for their unique needs.
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