21st February 2024

Boomerang Is The Simple Solution For IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Carissa Parnell

Boomerang’s simplicity, user-friendliness and jargon-free approach to computer hardware redistribution have made it one of the most popular IT Asset Lifecycle Management services around.

What Is Boomerang?

Boomerang is one of the most intuitive IT Asset Lifecycle Management services available. It is a simple, streamlined service that helps businesses redistribute their computer hardware throughout the business.

It is especially useful for larger businesses or any companies with:

  • A large computer hardware inventory
  • Computer equipment across multiple offices
  • Computer equipment deployed with WFH staff, remote employees, and/or hybrid workers

Boomerang can deliver the following services:

  • Retrieve hardware from your offices, staff’s homes or from ex-employees
  • Take the equipment to be repaired
  • Re-deploy hardware back to offices, or to new hires’ homes
  • Store your hardware safely and affordably for when you next require it
  • Take old hardware away to be recycled using the most environmentally friendly methods

It is the ultimate hardware redistribution system and lets businesses get more from their devices.

boomerang six steps

What Is IT Asset Management?

Boomerang is a type of IT Asset Management service.

Boomerang takes care of all the logistics, repair and redeployment of your IT arsenal.

This enables businesses to get better use from devices, as well as make superior strategic and financial choices about their hardware inventory.

Why Is IT Asset Management So Important For Businesses?

Without IT asset management systems like Boomerang, your business could:

  • Lose hardware assets to ex-employees. Not always through malice but from failing to take the initiative to request them back
  • Have hardware that you no longer need or currently don’t require standing idle and wasting space and power
  • Have no clear plan as to which assets would be most useful to new hires
  • Waste excess time retrieving assets yourself
  • Upgrade and replace assets when they were still useful

By outsourcing your IT asset management to a service such as Boomerang, it saves considerable time and effort on your part.

What Is IT Lifecycle Management?

This refers to an end-to-end IT asset management system like Boomerang, where the provider cares for the entire device lifecycle. This would cover the original configuration and deployment of devices, through their entire useful life, (complete with repairs and redistributions), and finally to end-of-life recycling.

Why Is IT Lifecycle Management So Important For Businesses?

An IT lifecycle management service like Boomerang can help companies in numerous ways.

Firstly, it takes a large operational burden off the business and off your IT department. If you have a computer equipment lease with Hardsoft, particularly a DaaS lease like Devices For Teams, then we as the provider can take care of all the management and maintenance of your devices.

This means when it is time to upgrade to the latest technology, it is handled for you as part of your lease. When it’s time to repair equipment to extend its life then that is taken care of too. The software maintenance is also handled by your provider.

Your business doesn’t have to lift a finger when it comes to maintenance of hardware.

This service also extends to the end of the device lifecycle. The appropriate, environmentally friendly recycling of e-waste from computers can be time consuming and complex for businesses. Laws around green recycling of electronics are also constantly changing and becoming stricter. Luckily, with Boomerang, we simply come and collect your old hardware and recycle it for you.

Boomerang will handle all the collection, recycling, repair, and re-deployment of your hardware.

Secondly, it allows you to be proactive about repair and upgrades rather than reactive.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of hardware maintenance is reactive, not proactive, i.e., when something breaks down completely and is causing disruption to the company, it is finally sent for repair or replacement. Whereas, with asset management, which oversees the whole lifecycle of the device, you are prepared for when machines need updates or maintenance, or when they are coming up to needing repair. You can, therefore, plan for it and have temporary replacements sent straight away.

This is proactive maintenance. It is extremely efficient and prevents downtime. It can only really be achieved by proper full device lifecycle IT asset management with products like Boomerang.

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