Office workers using Apple DaaS to boost business output

23rd July 2021

Boost Business Output Quality With An Apple DaaS Solution

Holly Skinner


If your business is considering switching its hardware supply chain to an Apple DaaS solution, there are a lot of benefits included.

Compared to buying devices outright in bulk, or even other leasing options, Apple Devices as a Service can:

  • Save your company money.

  • Reduce waste.

  • Keep devices compliant.

  • Ensure current devices work for your situation and team needs.

  • Scale up or down with your changing business.

  • Reduce the burden on your IT department.

  • Grant access to expert support, (particularly with Hardsoft’s Devices for Teams solution.)

  • Reduce downtime.

  • Better for cash flow.

  • Tax friendly.

One often overlooked benefit of a DaaS subscription is that the quality of your team’s work will improve.

Naturally, higher quality work can lead to happier clients and more revenue.

So, why would your employee’s quality of work stand to improve with Apple DaaS?


Apple and Productivity

Apple products are already synonymous with productivity. That isn’t just marketing buzz, it is backed up with real statistics.

IBM discovered that during a comparative study, their staff using Apple devices were, not only more productive, but happier and more likely to stay with the company longer.

Apple devices are extremely popular in the business world thanks to their high performance, increased cyber security, durability, and elegant designs.

These devices can aid the quality of your staff’s work with their intuitive interfaces and applications specifically designed with the working environment in mind.

Discover more reasons why Apple products increase business productivity.

Apple DaaS solutions enable your workers to always have their hands on the best Apple technology and subsequently produce their best work.


Improving Work Quality with Apple DaaS

Thanks to Device as a Service, your hardware will never suffer from obsolescence. This is one of the major consequences of the old supply chain methods for acquiring tech devices i.e., simply buying them outright in bulk every few years.

The old approach was expensive for businesses. In addition to being poor for your company’s cash flow, it meant trying to get the most out of the purchased machines.

Unfortunately, modern technology advances very quickly. Even though Apple hardware is some of the best for longevity, in a business setting, you need state of the art devices for high performance, data security and compatibility.

Other reasons for obsoletion are that the situation can change for the business. The economy, major events like the pandemic or even just scaling the business up or changing a department. These are all scenarios that might require different ways of working, and subsequently different devices.

With a DaaS solution like Hardsoft’s Device For Teams, Apple devices can be easily swapped, upgraded, or returned.

In fact, Hardsoft is unique in making returns and exchanges incredibly straightforward and with zero penalties.


How Does Preventing Device Obsoletion Create Better Quality Output?

When staff have access to the latest Apple technology that is fully set up, ready to go, and fit for their purposes and work style, it enables them to increase their productivity significantly.

High performing hardware is faster and more effective for your workforce’s tasks and prevents downtime and frustration. Alongside a collection of effective Apple software, this will enable your staff to produce their best work without distraction or interruption.

State of the art, regularly updated Apple devices prevent time lost on:

  • Annoying updates.

  • Slow loading.

  • Poor compatibility with third-party software.

  • Poor compatibility with other office devices.

  • Poor compatibility with the staff’s current working environment.

  • Security breaches.

When any hardware is kept for too long its performance begins to degrade. Statistically, an employee can spend 22-25 minutes each day trying to find a solution to a computer fault. That quickly adds up over the average working week resulting in massive lost productivity and lower quality of work output over the year.

It isn’t just the rate at which the work is produced. These distractions can harm the quality of staff work. Outdated devices also don’t necessarily support the tools to do the best job possible.

By utilising Hardsoft’s Apple DaaS solution, businesses benefit from in-depth assistance with the configuration, deployment, and logistics for your Apple product business supply chain. Hardsoft can also assist with initial assessments, so you understand which Apple devices will best match your team, current working conditions, and company objectives.

Devices for Teams by Hardsoft is an unmatched Apple DaaS package that incorporates ongoing support, device management and assistance over the whole device lifecycle. With this support and the latest Apple devices to hand, your team’s productivity and quality of work should improve.

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