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22nd August 2022

Can You Buy A MacBook Pro in Instalments?

Stan Milanovich

It is actually very simple to buy a MacBook Pro in instalments. In fact, there are many financial and sourcing alternatives to buying MacBooks outright.

If your business is considering buying an Apple MacBook on finance, there are several options available to you:

  • Utilise loans
  • Buy on finance
  • Try leasing

All of these methods help ease the expense of buying a MacBook Pro.

Why Choose The MacBook Pro?

Firstly, it is an excellent idea for businesses to invest in the MacBook Pro for their staff. Whether you buy your Apple MacBook on finance, or source your MacBook with instalments via leasing or another method, they make a strong edition to your hardware arsenal.

They are versatile but especially useful to industries and workers needing that extra bit of power for professional-level tasks or workflows. MacBook Pro was designed with professionals in mind, particularly those having to multitask with many apps or use more power-draining programmes.

The MacBook comes with so many options for busy professionals.MacBook Pro 13" front view

There’s the 13-inch, the 14-inch and the 16-inch. The smallest MacBook Pro now comes with an M2 chip which delivers exceptional battery life of up to 20 hours. This makes it the perfect business travel laptop.

The MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch are both available with a choice of the M1 Pro chip or the M1 Max. These chips deliver far more power for those industries that use the most demanding software. The M1 Max chip will give MacBook Pros the power needed for sophisticated systems such as those used in engineering.

The latter two MacBook Pro options are available with up to 64GB of unified memory and up to 8TB of configurable storage. They may lack the M2’s battery performance, but these models are well suited to serious business tasks of developers and creators in hardcore industries.

Sourcing MacBook With Instalments Gives Companies Better Tech Without Breaking Their Budgets

Understandably, amazing tech like the MacBook Pro is an expensive piece of kit.

If you’re sourcing for a whole department of staff, or you’re a smaller, newer business, or a freelancer, buying the MacBook Pro outright can set you back financially.

This can affect your budget and delay other business investments. Yet, arming your employees with MacBook Pros would give them a powerful, fast, reliable, and versatile tool that could improve their productivity and the quality of their work output.

working out budgets for a business using a calculatorThe MacBook Pro 13-inch starts from £1349 when you purchase it in one bite. The MacBook Pro 16-inch starts from a whopping £2399.

If you get a MacBook with instalments, you make this effective and high-performing tech far more accessible to your business with fewer repercussions and disruption to your budget.

So, let’s look at some financial options that make obtaining MacBooks easier for businesses.

What Is A Loan?

Acquiring finance from a third-party source, normally a bank, or finance company to then buy the hardware. This would still be paid upfront, and the business would own its MacBooks, but the money from the loan would be paid back in instalments or at a later date.

What Is Buying On Finance?

When buying an Apple MacBook on finance, it is a bit different from a loan. You would pay for the hardware itself in instalments and own the devices at the end.

What Is Leasing?

Leasing and buying MacBooks on finance can seem similar at first but are quite different. The monthly instalments tend to be lower with a lease, however, you do not automatically own the assets at the end of the lease period.

Some leases can work towards ownership, or offer the option of ownership at the end of the lease, but primarily businesses will not own the assets. Leasing is one of the most affordable ways to obtain MacBooks with instalments. The best part is that, as well as spreading the cost of the elite hardware, many computer hardware leases come with extra technical, management and lifecycle support.

Understanding The Difference Between Loans, Leasing And Buying MacBooks On Finance

Loans allow you to own the hardware straight away. You pay in instalments back to the finance company or bank. You receive no extra support for managing the devices. Their operations are completely your business’s responsibility.

Buying on finance lets you work towards ownership and pay in instalments for the hardware directly. Usually, there is no additional hardware support but that depends on your provider.

Leasing, like buying on finance, works in instalments directly for the hardware to spread the cost. The payments are usually lower with leasing, but you do not necessarily work towards ownership. There is often a lot of additional device support with leases, depending on your provider.

Different Types Of Leases For MacBook Pro

If you opt for sourcing MacBooks with instalments via leasing, this could be the most financially accessible option due to the lower payments. There are also other benefits like tech support, management support and device recycling.

Devices for Teams by Hardsoft provides various leases for the MacBook Pro:essential and premium

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