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26th July 2022

Can you Run a Business on a Mac?

Stan Milanovich

The quick answer is yes, you absolutely can run a business on a Mac. In fact, you can quite effectively and easily run a company using an Apple business laptop.

However, we aren’t going to leave it at that, we are going to explain why Macs are so well suited to the job and how you can choose the right Apple business product for your company.

First of all, “Can you run a business on a Mac?” can essentially be understood as two questions:

  1. Can you run a business from a purely Mac-dominated office with no Windows PCs present?
  2. Can you run an entire business from a single Apple business laptop?

The answer to both of those questions is still yes, however the type of business and industry will play a environment with apple products

The Apple business collection of IT devices is broad. With everything from smartphones and tablets, all the way to incredibly powerful computers that are some of the fastest on the market today, an Apple office will be a good choice for virtually any industry.

In terms of running a business from a singular Apple business laptop, there is so much choice, power, and portability available that we are confident there is a model up to the task regardless of the type of business you are running.

First, let’s fully answer question number one; why is a fully Apple business office ideal for running a company?

The Business Apple Office: Perfect For Any Sector

It is easy, efficient, and effective to run a company purely on Macs. However, you would be lending your team even more useful tools if you considered expanding that offering to a fully Apple business office complete with iPhones, iPads and appropriately chosen Apple business laptops.

This would put the most portability, power, flexibility, and versatility in your teams’ hands, allowing them maximum collaboration and the ability to work from anywhere.

So, why is it so effective to run a business on Macs?

1) Apple is synonymous with business – Naturally, both Apple and most of their competitors produce devices for both business and everyday consumers. However, there is a strong business Apple association. Apple has really focused on the business market particularly and has built a very strong reputation among various industries. Many Macs are designed specifically with business in mind, and not only that but it’s also easy to find a model suited to your industry, department, and individual role in terms of power, speed, apps, portability etc.working creatively on MacBook

2) Apple is well-known for its sophisticated tech for creatives – Over several decades, Macs and all Apple business laptops developed a firm association with the creative sector. This was particularly prevalent within industries such as graphic design, music composing and editing, photo editing, videography etc. These fields required specialist software and devices that could handle this software and the files they were creating. Apple worked hard to create these tools and market to those sectors, thus developing its reputation. The hardware and software from Apple have since expanded, as have the capabilities of its tech. More and more industries rely on graphic mapping and these creative softwares for their work, such as advancements in medicine, civil engineering, and architecture. Macs have, therefore, attracted these industries as well. However, it is no longer just creative sectors for which Mac is suitable. One big change in Mac technology was to expand and become more versatile and more compatible with various third-party software.

3) Compatibility – In the past, a barrier to using a Mac to run your business would have been compatibility with PC, Windows and any files sent from Office. Such problems are a thing of the past. Macs have hyper compatibility with software from Windows and a huge array of third-party software. Software creators now build with Mac in mind.

4) Durability – Apple business laptops are known for their endurance. They break down and encounter issues far less than their competitors. The durability is inside and out. Macs have strong, high-quality exteriors to put up with the hustle and bustle of rough transport, plus regular updates to older OS operating systems.

5) Cybersecurity – It is a smart decision to invest in business Apple products for running your business since they have a strong reputation for cyber security. They are far less susceptible to hacking, which is especially vital for companies that handle sensitive data.Man on iMac 25 yellow

6) Aesthetically beautiful – Apple have always taken the physical look of a device into consideration and they make some of the sleekest, most attractive and business-appropriate aesthetics on the market. Workers also adore using Macs.

7) Intuitive – One of the best reasons to run a business on a Mac is the highly intuitive interfaces which help for a smaller learning curve and more productivity.

8) Speed and power – All these features are an advantage for running your business on Macs, but the functionality that is most desirable in a business setting is speed and power. Macs were always high performers but not necessarily outperforming competitors in terms of speed or power. After all, they were using the exact same chips; Intel chips. For the past couple of years, Apple has returned to making its own chips. Yet it isn’t simply a new chip with the Apple brand name. The company has made huge waves in the industry recently and left competitors having to work to play catch up. It all started with the M1 chip, which was faster and yet more energy efficient than anything we’d ever seen. This is now being upgraded to the M2, which is slightly faster again, but its main selling point is the ability to extend battery life, so now you really can work all day without recharging even when using demanding programmes and multitasking.

When it comes to raw power and performance for those industries like game design, FinTech, video editing, engineering etc., there is the M1 Pro, M1 Max and M1 Ultra. The heaviest duty industries have found the M1 Max and Ultra to be game-changers in power and energy efficiency. Video editors, designers, and FinTech have found the same with M1 Pro and M1 Max. There’s a chip with the right power for any industry while saving you energy and therefore money and extending battery life at the same time.

Can An Individual Entrepreneur Run Their Entire Business From One Apple Business Laptop?

Apple business laptops are agile stand-alone devices for entrepreneurs running their unique ventures. This is why Macs became firm favourites of digital nomads and savvy business owners who utilise freelancers around the world.

If you choose the right Mac, you will have a highly portable device that allows you to work all day from anyway with the power, storage, and ability to handle multiple heavy-duty pieces of software and apps at once.

With a singular Mac, you can easily:

  • Build your own softwarecollaborating with others around the world on MacBook through video call
  • Design games
  • Manage servers
  • Control swathes of inventory
  • Collaborate with others around the world
  • Create and manage complex websites
  • Develop FinTech

And much more.

Are There Really No Barriers To Running A Business On A Mac?

In this day and age, there are very few, if any, barriers to running a business on a Mac.

A few years ago, certain sectors might have struggled to run a business on Macs alone or to run their operation through a single Mac.

If we look at certain older, complex sectors in manufacturing, certain types of engineering, research, medicine and education, there were a few issues with using Apple in the past.

This was nothing to do with the technology capabilities of Macs, but more to do with ingrained industry practices. In certain fields, there is a lot of specialist software and hardware that must be used. There can also be a great deal of bureaucracy and difficulty initiating change, even for the better. If the software or third-party programmes you utilise have only been designed to run on Windows or Intel chip devices etc, and your providers are slow to innovate and change, this could be a barrier to running a business on a Mac.

Yet, this is becoming less and less of a problem with Apple’s huge focus on compatibility. Apple even launched software like Rosetta to allow technology that only runs on Intel chips to function on their latest M1 devices, but compatibility to a degree has to come from both sides.

With the popularity of Mac and the impressive credentials of the Apple Silicon chips, fewer and fewer third-party programmes are excluding Macs, even in most traditional industries.

Apple Business Leasing 5x MacBook Pro 14" 5x MacBook Pro 16" for £113

One stumbling block to running your brand new, one-man-band business on a Mac is cost. Luckily, Macs have become more and more affordable. Not to mention that their total cost of ownership is lower than a PC since they last longer and have fewer tech issues and cyber security weaknesses.

If price is still an issue, then leasing Apple business devices is the perfect way to spread the cost into more manageable amounts and even gain extra support for your business devices as well.

Apple business leasing is an ideal way to source Macs for your business, whether it is a large corporation looking to bulk buy, or a smaller endeavour.

Leasing Apple business devices in the UK has never been easier thanks to Devices for Teams by Hardsoft.

Not only can you spread the cost of your devices, but you can pick a lease that helps your business grow and access:

  • Technical support
  • Strategic support
  • Cyber security support
  • Device guidance and advice
  • And choose the level of support that is right for you

By using Apple business leasing you can even:

  • Have help in deploying Macs to all your staff in their homes
  • Enjoy free trials72 hour free trial
  • Get money for your old devices
  • Have help with managing your devices and controlling how they are used
  • Receive evaluations to help your business select the most effective devices for your business goals.
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