22nd November 2023

Complete IT Asset Tracking & Management With Shepherd & Boomerang

Carissa Parnell

Complete end-to-end IT asset tracking and management is of significant benefit to businesses.

These two principles can revolutionise the way a company approaches their computer equipment and IT services. With the right tracking and management structures in place, businesses can experience greater control over their physical IT assets and cyber security, as well as increased productivity, fewer operational chores, and a more streamlined system for all their IT needs.

Boomerang and Shepherd are two state-of-the-art companion IT service products that, together, deliver some of the best and easiest to utilise IT asset tracking and management. Let’s explore how they complement one another and elevate business operations.

But, first, we must establish a proper understanding of IT asset tracking and management and why it is of such value to companies. Time to cut through the jargon.

What Is IT Asset Tracking?

IT asset tracking enables businesses to have an overview of all their computer hardware and their status from a convenient online portal. It allows managers to keep overseeing the full flock of hardware even across multiple offices and in employees’ homes.

However, the best IT asset tracking systems, like Shepherd go even further than mere tracking.

Blog image showcasing Shepherd MDM and cybersecurity

What Are The Benefits Of IT Asset Tracking To Businesses?

Businesses that use IT asset tracking can:

Save money – In large businesses with a sizeable computer hardware collection across multiple locations, proper asset tracking can definitely save your business money. With a big fleet, it is easy to lose track of all your devices, especially if you have WFH staff. It can be easy to become unaware of quality IT assets sitting around under-utilised, which leads to buying or leasing more hardware than you actually need. It is also very common for assets to go missing if you don’t know your hardware’s status. It is simple for ex-employees to simply not return them. In this case, businesses once again end up replacing hardware that they needn’t have if they’d had proper tracking in place.

Develop a strategic approach to IT – With IT asset tracking, businesses have more relevant and current information on their hardware across all locations. This allows you to make tactical decisions about where to deploy your assets across your team, what needs repair vs upgrading, what is no longer needed, and if more hardware or swaps are required. It can tell managers which types of hardware are best serving their employees. These tactical decisions can level up your approach to IT which further encourages cost savings and productivity enhancements.

What Is IT Asset Management?

If IT asset tracking is all about overseeing your hardware arsenal, then IT asset management is about how you and your staff use that equipment and how the hardware is manoeuvred throughout your company.

IT asset management software can give a company granular control over their computer equipment and how employees utilise it even when they work remotely or from home.

With IT asset management tools like MDMs (Mobile Device Management software), businesses can create policies, digital rules and fail-safes to form how assets can be used, even including what apps and data can be accessed on a piece of hardware.


What Are The Benefits Of IT Asset Management To Businesses?

Productivity Enhancement – MDM software is ideal for IT asset management since it allows businesses to control what programmes, software, and apps employees can download or use on a device. It can even set what times of day and how long they can use certain apps for or whether apps can be accessed while accessing company data. If you choose to limit certain apps or the times that they can be used, you can help your employees avoid distractions during working hours and boost their productivity.

Greater Control – The tools offered by MDMs allow businesses to have better oversight and control of how all their devices are used whether in the office or in worker’s homes. Companies can use this insight to see how employees naturally use hardware and make managerial and operational decisions based on this. It is easy and quick to learn what policies can help staff and what can keep you safe. Other IT asset management systems like Boomerang delivers complete control of logistics, retrieval, redistribution, and life cycle management without your business having to do a thing.

Updates – MDMs can allow you to push operating system updates, security updates and all sorts of software updates out to every device in the company. You never have to worry about staff neglecting scheduled updates and devices becoming slow or at risk due to this. You can push out updates automatically.

Cybersecurity – This is probably the most important advantage of IT asset management solutions. By using MDMs to control how staff use your hardware, you can protect your company from data breaches caused by human error or insider threats.

As we can see, the cybersecurity threat from human error is significant and costly for businesses. However, being able to block and data wipe devices and control how data is accessed, and which apps can be used is a major step in stopping these breaches.

Problem Solving – The best MDM software allows detailed asset management where you can troubleshoot issues and help staff remotely and in real-time.

Customisation – You can ensure that each device has the right software, setup and updates for the unique roles of your staff.

What Is Shepherd & How Does It Deliver The Best IT Asset Management and IT Asset Tracking?

Shepherd is one of the most cost-effective and sophisticated MDMs on the market. It goes far further than most in terms of the control and features that it offers businesses, yet for a lower price than most competitors.

Since Jamf Now has been discontinued as the best MDM for Apple and customers are forcibly upgraded to the more expensive Jamf Fundamentals, Shepherd fills a much-needed gap in the market for smaller businesses on a budget yet has the functionality to be suitable for large businesses as well.

Shepherd provides detailed tracking and the status of all devices in your flock. It is then far-reaching in the control it offers. This can include what company information can be accessed and from where. It can put in place encryptions, set up passwords, create safe network policies and more. It can even control what apps can be installed on devices and how company data can be accessed and moved around on a device.

Like other MDM software, it can all-importantly data wipe a device and block its use. This is ideal if a device is lost or stolen, or you have just let an employee go and don’t want them using the device or accessing company data again. Being unable to use the device once they have left the company actually encourages ex-staff to return it as part of your tracking and retrieval process since it is of no financial or operational use to them to steal it.

All of these functions can be handled remotely from an online portal.

One of the features that makes Shepherd such a strong MDM for IT asset management, beyond its great price point, is real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. This allows businesses to stop breaches and errors before they happen and help staff when they run into issues.

What Is Boomerang & How Does It Deliver Stress-Free IT Asset Management & Redistribution?

Boomerang is a different type of IT asset management system. It is considered one of the best because it is affordable and offers truly end-to-end hardware care. With repair, redistribution and recycling services, Boomerang is elite in covering every single stage of a device lifecycle. It removes significant operational burdens from companies and even helps them reach their green targets.

With customised repurposing and redeployment, Boomerang gives companies extensive control of how best to utilise and re-use hardware in their business.

Boomerang also has the best retrieval service. Not only will it collect, repair, and redistribute from offices, but also to and from employees’ homes and ex-staff as well. Boomerang has a specialist retrieval service that is easy to use, and businesses and ex-staff do not even have to package the hardware. A date and time slot are arranged for collections, so you don’t have to wait around all day and a special plastic protective sleeve is provided by the collection driver. All you need to do is hand over the hardware and everything else is handled.

Boomerang also offers low-cost and safe storage of devices for businesses that are not yet ready to deploy hardware to new hires.


Using Shepherd & Boomerang Together

Boomerang and Shepherd have been designed to work seamlessly together. They are the perfect team for strategically handling your computer equipment collection. Together they form two arms of a perfect system to track, manage and redistribute hardware around your company for the best results.

Shepherd provides traditional asset tracking and management. Whereas Boomerang takes over physical management in the form of distribution, repair and recycling.

Boomerang and Shepherd have both been developed by Hardsoft to deliver the ultimate IT service. These tools come from one provider and one source. That means an easy and intuitive monthly bill with no surprises and expert support in using them together.

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