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22nd February 2023

Demystifying Modern Business Device Leasing: Is It Easy Or Tough To Cancel My Package?

Ryan Kelly

One of the biggest reasons that customers trust Devices For Teams is because of the flexibility of their device leasing solutions.

The businesses we work with never feel trapped or pigeonholed or stuck with a package.

Devices For Teams represents one of the most flexible approaches to computer device leasing in the UK, precisely because it is easy to cancel the lease if/when you need it.

A frequent misunderstanding that exists about computer device leasing is that it is non-cancellable, or at least tricky to cancel it or change the parameters of your lease. We’re enthused to demystify modern business device leasing and show that this doesn’t have to be true.

The interesting thing about this particular myth is that it can often still be true. There may well be certain computer lease offerings that you’ll find on the market that make you feel stuck with certain criteria. It is true that some are far more inflexible than others.Fandy holding laptop

Therefore, it is not a completely unfounded fear that businesses worry about. If you pick the wrong lease with a more rigid supplier, then you could be in a mismatched lease if your circumstances change.

So, surely then, it’s not a myth at all, but a fact?

No, not with Devices For Teams.

Devices For Teams is a highly malleable computer device leasing solution. It’s been designed by specialists who’ve been leasing computer equipment for decades and understand how quickly a company’s circumstances can change.

With wildly shifting economic conditions, your business growing and computer technology changing so fast, it’s no wonder that a lease should bend with you.

We’ve made cancelling, switching or changing your computer lease exceptionally easy with Devices For Teams.

Unlike other leases, you can cancel your agreement with Devices For Teams after only 24 months. That’s one of the shortest periods that you’ll find. There are no hidden tricks, you can just cancel.

We’re also aware that a lot can happen to a business in only a year. That is why we allow our customers to switch, add or return equipment after only 12 months. It is this policy that has made Devices For Teams the most customisable computer device leasing solution ever. Your device lease can expand or contract as you need it to and scale with your company’s success. blog image with arrow

There are multiple levels of Devices For Teams with Essentials and Premium packages, as well as tons of optional add-ons for even more comprehensive support.

If it doesn’t work out, you can always cancel or shift to one of our other device leasing solutions.

With Devices For Teams, you never feel trapped in a contract that no longer suits you. There is always a way to change it to suit your current requirements or budget. At the end of the day, you can always swiftly cancel in one of the shortest time periods on the market.

Now, that we’ve demystified computer device leasing, you can sign up with confidence.

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