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3rd May 2022

Device Configuration Can Improve How Your Staff Use Hardware

Stan Milanovich

Tailored device pre-configuration is one of the best methods to ensure maximum productivity with new hardware.

By correctly configuring a new piece of computer equipment, before it is handed off to the end-user, you can:

  • Improve the experience of using the technology
  • Increase working efficiencyPre-configured devices for your team
  • Encourage better quality work output

D4T (Devices for Teams) is one of the most comprehensive DaaS (Device as a Service) packages available on the UK market.

While all DaaS systems place an emphasis on service and support, as well as the products themselves, D4T provides the most extensive support solutions.

One aspect of our extensive service within Devices For Teams is pre-configuration.

What does pre-configuration look like?

No matter how state-of-the-art or sophisticated your new tech is, it likely requires some setup.

Nearly all computers need an initial setup to install essential software such as anti-virus etc. This is even before more customised setups, such as the software, apps, and programmes specific to your company and the individual employee’s job. On top of that, there are all the accounts your staff will have to sign into. This setup is needed on every device.

Device pre-configuration can be offered by the Devices For Teams service. All new hardware will be completely set up and ready to go out of the box. This goes beyond the basics of anti-virus, to fully installing everything your individual workers use in their day-to-day job. All their accounts and apps will be pre-loaded, so they can start work immediately.

How device configuration boosts productivity

Businesses can face a lot of downtime and a loss of productivity when purchasing essential new hardware.Samsung Knox

All of this device setup takes considerable time when a worker receives new hardware if it is not pre-configured by a service like D4T.

Additionally, if your staff are working with brand new tech they haven’t encountered before, such as when switching from PC to Macs, or using a touchscreen and dial for graphic work, it can be a learning curve.

Pre-configuration services eliminate this downtime when workers receive new hardware. With the setup already complete, staff won’t lose any of their working day even when the new hardware first arrives.

With a DaaS model the installation is also carried out by your hardware provider. Full onsite installation and software configuration. For staff working from home, devices can be setup up remotely while en route to their homes in a zero-touch system.

Devices For Teams uses Apple Business Manager, Samsung Knox, and Microsoft Autopilot to deploy your hardware and set it up remotely while it travels to its destination.

How device configuration affects staff

With the painful setup removed, staff are free to utilise their new hardware to the fullest. Computer equipment like M1 Macs are some of the fastest and most advanced on the market. They will allow staff to work in new and better ways to achieve their goals and generate profit.

Businesses should notice that staff are also happier because they are not stressed by losing time to lengthy device setup. All this enables them to use the technology at their fingertips to greatest effect.

How D4T can further improve staff device use

D4T daas by HardSoft

Since D4T is the most helpful DaaS solution ever, it goes even further than other options. Our solutions engineers can show your workforce how best to use their device’s technology and capabilities in order to do their best work possible. There may be many features waiting to be unlocked that can enhance their work. Our Solutions Engineers can train your staff to use all the new features offered by remarkable modern hardware.

D4T can tailor your lease to suit your requirements. DaaS helps spread the cost of your equipment while providing extensive support. DaaS can work for a wide range of businesses at different growth stages, and we have plenty of offers. With D4T you can even mix and match Apple and Windows devices. Or you can have a completely Apple-based office or a Windows package.

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