23rd October 2023

Devices for Education: Enhancing Learning in the Modern Classroom

Kia Deeks-Hyde

It’s undeniable that computers, laptops, and tablets are crucial tools for modern education.

While computer suites and shared laptops have served their purpose in the past, advances in technology call for more advanced approaches. That’s why we at Devices for Teams recommend the 1:1 computing approach, which offers numerous advantages to learners.

But what is 1:1 computing?

The 1:1 computing approach allows every student their own individual mobile device, such as a tablet or laptop, which becomes their primary tool for conducting learning tasks. 1:1 learning promotes autonomy, unlocks hidden potential for students with communication difficulties, and offers the opportunity to extend learning beyond the school walls, and into homes and the community.

Utilising devices for education enables students to have access to more diverse avenues for learning, such as video, 3D models, illustrations, and games. This in turn helps educators to cater to individual learning styles, making education more accessible for students with special educational needs or disabilities.

While equipping students with their own personal educational devices is definitely advantageous, sourcing and managing these devices can pose many issues for institutions when bought outright. Below, we will explore some of the issues associated with purchasing devices for schools, and illustrate how leasing with Devices for Teams can solve these problems.

What are some potential issues when buying devices for education?

While purchasing a fleet of devices outright may seem like a straightforward solution, it poses certain challenges for schools.

Firstly, the process can be time-consuming, burdening teaching staff with paperwork and organizational tasks.

Moreover, the initial expense of buying devices can be significant, and the responsibility that comes with student ownership may result in additional costs for replacements or repairs. Over time, devices may become outdated and slower, necessitating the purchase of newer models, and requiring a solution for the disposal of older devices.

So, evidently, while providing technology for students is crucial to modern education, buying devices for schools outright can pose a lot of problems for teaching staff. No need to worry though, because Devices for Teams have the solution to all these problems: leasing your devices.

How is leasing devices for education advantageous to buying?

In comparison to purchasing outright, leasing laptops, computers and tablets with Devices for Teams offers a more practical and cost-effective solution for schools.

With leasing, the process is streamlined and hassle-free. After discussing the school’s needs and requirements with one of our Devices for Teams experts, the paperwork can be completed in just a few minutes.

Additionally, once the order has been placed, Devices for Teams offer a pre-deployment service, meaning that we can ensure that accounts and settings on the device are pre-configured according to the school’s specifications, allowing for seamless integration into the learning environment.

Leasing solutions also offer a more manageable and affordable payment system for schools. Rather than paying a hefty outright fee, leasing means that schools instead spread the cost of their devices by paying monthly. Additionally, Devices for Teams provides education-specific leasing options that include support, and the option of inexpensive, in-house insurance.

Another key issue with school devices, as previously mentioned, is the risk of accidental damage and theft. With our Safeguard service, schools can have peace of mind knowing that device repairs or replacements are covered at no extra cost.

Although Safeguard Protection Cover doesn’t cover loss, it does encompass various scenarios such as theft, accidental damage, fire, flood, storm, vandalism, electrical disturbances, and falling objects.

In case of accidental damage, schools can claim up to two incidents per device per year, with a minimal excess fee. Our highly trained technical team will ensure prompt repairs, and in the meantime, a loan replacement device is provided, minimizing any disruptions to the learning process. If a device is stolen, a replacement unit can be swiftly supplied.

Leasing solutions also provide schools with flexibility. They can change devices at any time without financial penalties, allowing them to adapt to their evolving IT needs. Schools have the freedom to add, switch, or return devices as necessary, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest technology for their staff and students.

How do I lease Devices for Education?

Hopefully this blog has helped you to understand that securing and protecting devices for education is essential in modern classrooms. Leasing devices offers a practical, cost-effective, and flexible solution for schools, enabling them to provide 1:1 learning experiences that empower students and enhance their educational journey. With the right leasing partner, such as Devices for Teams, schools can ensure a smooth transition, receive ongoing support, and focus on what truly matters: delivering quality education in a technologically advanced environment.

If leasing devices for education sounds appealing, schools can easily initiate the process by scheduling a call with one of the experts at Devices for Teams. Our knowledgeable team will provide guidance, answer questions, and assist in tailoring a leasing solution that best suits the school’s requirements.

Once you have had an initial meeting with one of our experts, the next steps are straightforward. After your tech needs have been established, quotations will be provided, and we can help you decide which support solutions are best for your institution. Your account manager can also arrange visiting your school and delivering a presentation to parents, in which they can explain the benefits of the devices, as well as breaking down the costs, support etc.

To start the process of leasing devices for your school, contact one of our experts today at 0203 970 4994. They will be more than happy to assist you and help you find the ideal solution for your educational institution.

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