Hardsoft partners up with industry leaders in hardware

19th January 2022

Devices for Teams by HardSoft Partners up With Industry Leaders in Hardware

Stan Milanovich

Thanks to Hardsoft’s close relationship with the world’s leading computer equipment manufacturers, our DaaS solution can deliver the best mix of devices.

All the top brands in the computer hardware industry work in partnership with Hardsoft, so we can craft the most comprehensive leasing solutions for businesses.

This is part of the reason that we have been able to create such a unique and effective DaaS package. Most resellers of hardware, who offer DaaS, only supply one brand of equipment. With Hardsoft, your can mix and match your devices.

Advantages of mixing device types:

  • Cost-saving

  • Different requirements for varying staff roles

  • Different requirements in different departments

  • Different needs between office hardware, working from home devices and ‘in the field’ working equipment

What Kind Of Equipment Is Available With Hardsoft’s DaaS Packages?

Hardsoft has the most reputable and renowned hardware partners, including:

  • Lenovo

  • Dell

  • HP

  • Samsung

  • Microsoft Surface

  • Apple

In fact, we are the highest rated Apple authorised reseller and a member of the Apple Consultancy Network.

The result is that companies can not only benefit from leasing a huge variety of hardware, but also our specialist engineers are experts in the intricacies of each type of device, including Apple.


Supercharged for pros, M1 Max and ProEach of these manufacturers has created computer equipment that is ideal for business clients.

Our Apple range covers everything from the latest Pro iPads and iPhones to the most advanced MacBooks. This includes those devices armed with the new M1 chips for unbelievable speeds. All our solutions engineers are trained to work with M1 enabled Macs. One of the biggest advantages of this new Apple range is the ability to select power levels based on the needs of your industry. The standard M1 is incredibly powerful and fast, yet Apple has gone further to deliver devices with the M1 Pro chip and the M1 Max chip where power, performance and efficiency are on a whole other level. This will be important for power users and technological industries with large power demands.

microsoft products Microsoft Surface has a truly impressive and sizeable range of devices. Microsoft incorporates that intuitive and seamless touchscreen technology beautifully into their hardware. The Microsoft Surface collection also has a superb balance of products, such as 2-in-1 devices for individual staff and excellent hub screens for collaboration in the office.

Samsung has produced a collection of highly durable and powerful business laptops. The range from Hardsoft includes flexible devices like the Galaxy Book Pro 360, which offers a 2-in1 tablet/laptop experience. The Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro provide workers with a great mix of portability, power, and versatility. AMOLED displays yield a super visual experience suitable for creative industries where crisp visuals that are true to life are a must.

Lenovo ThinkpadThe Lenovo range, including the highly popular Lenovo ThinkPads, is extremely durable and stands up to steep demands in almost any environment. With powerful Intel processors and a wide selection of specifications, it is simple to find the perfect equipment for each one of your staff’s needs, regardless of industry.

Dell is a staple of the business computer market. Dell makes both high performing all-round PCs, top business-class laptops, and also specialist hardware for those in need of high graphics. The Dell Precision is a great example of this as it can become a flexible mobile workstation.

HP Laptops HP are another of those well recognised staples of the PC world. Again, there’s no shortage of varied devices for each role in a business. We’ve seen more and more manufacturers incorporate 2-in-1 devices and enhanced hardware portability in the wake of increased home working. HP is no exception. There are some fantastic devices and highly portable/flexible pieces of equipment in the HP range like the Spectre x360.

Since Hardsoft has such a close working relationship with our hardware partners, our engineers can provide comprehensive technical and strategic support.

What does this mean?

Helping you deploy, install, maintain, manage, and troubleshoot your devices is just the beginning. We can evaluate your business needs and recommend which devices will further your business goals to allow staff to do their best work.

D4T daas by HardSoftWe’ve worked with hundreds of industries to understand their specific hardware requirements and can assist you in tailoring your leasing packages to be the most effective.

We can also show your staff how to most effectively use their new technology to unlock its full potential and boost your company-wide productivity.

This is why our DaaS packages will be the best solution for many businesses.

Why Devices For Teams?

D4T was designed to help businesses take their hardware and their lease further so it best serves their goals. With auto upgrades, more round the clock support and the ability to swap and return devices, it’s the most customizable and responsive leasing package imaginable.

Hardsoft manages the complete device lifecycle for our clients, including the removal and recycling of old hardware to ensure your carbon footprint is kept to a minimum while you expand your business.

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