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22nd March 2023

Devices for Teams is DaaS but no Faaf

Carissa Parnell

An agile subscription solution for growing business

In 2018 we noticed a shift to a subscription model such as ‘Device as a Service’, ‘PC as a Service’, or ‘Surface as a Service proposal from manufacturers such as HP and Dell and realised that they could also provide a disruptive subscription solution given our 35 years of trading and last 7 years as Apple Authorised stockists. During a partnership meeting with Apple the gap and need in the SME market for this type of solution was highlighted – Apple does not have an offer that mirrors those in the PC market.

Product Overview

Devices for Teams is a flexible, cost-neutral, subscription model for Apple devices (including iPads & iPhones) that also includes a service wrapper with each device. The minimum contract is for 20 devices, new devices can be added at any point and existing devices can be returned or replaced for new teams or employees after just 12 months. A flexible and cost-effective model for the SME sector that keeps employees, CTO & CFO happy.

The Challenge – why Devices for Teams?

Currently, a finance team will expect each employee to have their device for 4-6 years meaning that employees are left with slow and ageing equipment with hardware depreciating in a cupboard!

There are a growing number of companies that are building teams of highly skilled, highly paid individuals. These teams are under pressure from Day One, and having their preferred device – ready & waiting – is critical when ensuring the success and productivity of the entire team. How do you give these new team members the best NEW device without breaking the bank, restricting cash flow, or building a fast-growing pile of depreciating hardware?

Apple is currently the only game in town but purchasing this equipment is a no-go and “leasing” in large quantities often feels expensive and inflexible. The user/employee wants new personalised equipment with ease of use and CFOs want minimal cost and complexity.

The Solution – Devices for Teams

We want to empower YOUR team(s) by supplying brand-new equipment on-site from Day One! The service wrapper included with each device means we configure, deliver, support and maintain your devices, so you don’t have to. As you grow and teams rotate on and off-payroll – or churn permanently, you can return devices or replace them. There is no longer a need to restrict your business’ cash flow, have that pile of depreciating hardware in the cupboard or have multiple lease agreements. Devices for Teams is a truly disruptive model that bridges direct ownership and finance models, uniting the worlds of finance and technology.

Devices for Teams Customer Profiles

The profile of customers that Devices for Teams is perfect for is predominantly within the Creative Service Industry: digital marketing, software development, online media and tech (and the like). They are majority MAC users with 50 – 180 people, growing at a min 15% per year. If you are the owner, COO, CFO, CTO, Head of/Director of Operations, Tech, or Finance of a company that fits this profile, we’d love to talk to you!

Devices for Teams from HardSoft is headed by our Business Development & Partnerships Manager, Sophie Morgan, who is leading the Devices for Teams project into 2019. We have a website which is dedicated to our Devices for Teams DaaS and contains everything you need to know about it.

If you’d like to find out more about Devices for Teams, take a look at our FAQs here and give us a call on 020 7111 1643 or email Sophie Morgan, on

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