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1st April 2022

Discover How D4T Can Fuel Your Remote Workforce

Stan Milanovich

Devices For Teams (D4T) is an innovative DaaS (Device as a Service) style solution for leasing and sourcing computer equipment.

Like most computer hardware leasing solutions, a DaaS approach helps to spread the cost of expensive equipment. DaaS, however, is uniquely suited to providing a host of other operational advantages, thanks to its big emphasis on service and support, as well as product provision.

One of the major benefits of choosing a DaaS style package to source your business computer equipment is that it will help improve the workings of your remote teams.D4T daas by HardSoft

What is remote working?

Remote working is any job carried out outside the office. This could cover hybrid working, working from home, working onsite at a project away from the office, working in the field collecting data, or a digital nomad setup.

Remote working covers a variety of different working methods, but all include working away from the office and away from directors and supervisors usually.

Remote working places extra responsibilities and trust on employees and freelancers to carry out good quality work productivity for the betterment of the company.

The right hardware can go a long way to helping make this a mutually beneficial arrangement for both staff and the business itself.

Staff can be drawn to remote working as it can offer a better work-life balance. Companies save money on maintenance costs, gain productivity that would have been lost to commutes and meetings and have access to a wider pool of potential talent.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working combines a mixture of remote working and working in the office. A hybrid worker might be present, working in the communal office for some of the time but not all of the time. The rest of the time they might work from home, in the field, or in another location.

a lady working from home with a laptopHybrid working is becoming one of the most common work styles following the pandemic. It often combines the best parts of in-office working and remote working. Staff can still have a great work-life balance with the hybrid model. They even benefit from a productivity boost that comes with focusing away from a busy office. On the other hand, they gain the advantages of being able to come to the office sometimes to brainstorm with colleagues and use the office facilities or tech.

Why Are Remote and Hybrid Working Considerations Important For Businesses?

Even prior to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working had grown increasingly prevalent in the UK.

Remote working and hybrid working has been gaining steady popularity for some time but was centred on particular industries. Highly digital, creative, tech focused companies were the main sectors to already be embracing a combination of remote workers and hybrid workers. This is most likely because, not only can the jobs be easily performed remotely, but these types of businesses are early adopters of tech that facilitates remote work.

Technology is the key to allowing effective remote and hybrid working. Hence these types of industries were more open to trying new software like improved telecommunications and collaboration and productivity apps.

Freelancers were also among the most likely to utilise hybrid and remote working. As technology advanced, more companies were starting to embrace remote work. Even with the trend of the digital nomad gaining a foothold in working culture, only 5-12% of the UK population were remote workers in the handful of years prior to the pandemic.

The rise in popularity had been gaining pace but the restrictions during the pandemic exploded this trend with over 90% of Londoners engaging in hybrid working in 2020.

Despite a slow-rolling back and end to restrictions, hybrid working looks set to stay. It allows greater flexibility and cost savings on both the side of businesses and employees.

How Can D4T Make Hybrid Working Easier?

Device For Teams is the perfect answer for fuelling your remote workforce.

It can provide the security, support, and flexibility that businesses and staff require to make hybrid working a success and boost from home bundle

With D4T’s additional support, compared to other DaaS solutions, it is even easier for businesses to source state-of-the-art hardware for hybrid working staff.

D4T provides:

D4T is a truly comprehensive DaaS system that offers an unrivalled level of flexibility and support to allow businesses to empower their hybrid workers.

It is the ability to quickly change the lease and get relevant, rapid support for all hardware eventualities that makes D4T uniquely adept at helping businesses with a hybrid working team.

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