3rd January 2024

Discover Squirrel By D4T – The Cloud Data Backup System You Can Trust

Carissa Parnell

Squirrel is the new cloud data backup system by Hardsoft. It is the latest addition to our family of products that we have developed in-house to make IT easier for businesses.

Our aim is to ensure that companies can access all of their IT services in one place by one provider.

What Is Cloud Data Backup?

Cloud data backup technology allows you to securely store copies of important digital information and files on remote servers.

In Squirrel’s case, the servers are hosted by Hardsoft.

This technology offers your business a reliable and convenient way to safeguard your data from various risks, such as hardware failures, accidental deletion, natural disasters, and cyber threats.

Unlike traditional local backups that rely on physical storage devices, cloud data backup allows users to upload and access their data through an internet connection.

Why Should Businesses Strongly Consider Using Cloud Data Backup Systems?

It’s unpleasant to think about but imagine that a manager in your business accidentally deletes a file, then realises days later that they still need it. Or picture a physical hard drive failure when you had important files stored locally. Perhaps a network malfunction will rob you of vital client details. Worst still, consider that an ex-staff member who retained access, even for a short time, deleted essential files out of spite. All of these scenarios can spell disaster for your business, and they are far more common than you might think.

Let’s look at some of the core advantages of cloud data backup for businesses:

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery: Business data is often critical and irreplaceable. Cloud data backup ensures that important files, documents, customer information, and other essential data are protected against hardware failures, cyberattacks, natural disasters, and human errors. Therefore, cloud data backup helps to maintain business continuity and minimise downtime.

Offsite Backup: Storing backups in a remote location protects against local disasters that could affect on-site hardware. This redundancy safeguards business operations even if the primary office location is compromised.

Scalability: Cloud data backup solutions can accommodate the growing data needs of businesses. As companies expand, they can easily scale up their storage plans without the need for significant investments in new hardware.

Automated Backups: Cloud backup services can be set up to automatically back up data on a regular basis, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that critical information is consistently protected.

Data Recovery Speed: In the event of data loss, businesses can quickly restore their data from the cloud in seconds avoiding any downtime.

Remote Work and Collaboration: Cloud data backup facilitates remote work and collaboration among employees. Data can be accessed and shared from various locations, supporting flexible work arrangements and improved productivity.

squirrel logo, a squirrel using a laptop with an acorn in the background. text reads 'squirrel back up, relax, we've got your digital nuts'

But Why Should Your Business Choose The Squirrel Cloud Data Backup System By Hardsoft?

Squirrel helps businesses protect your digital nuts from going missing, but it also offers a more secure and comprehensive approach to data backup than many other systems.

Since Squirrel has been developed by IT experts who work with a range of specialist IT services, we have made sure that it provides the ultimate protection.

The Benefits Of Squirrel Cloud Data Backup:

Flexible – It is very simple to scale your storage up and down as needed, and our experts can help you to determine how much your business will require. Simply book a free 30-minute one-on-one call with our solutions experts.

Affordable – Only £9.90 per week.

Ultra Secure – Hardsoft is ISO 27001 certified for data security you can trust that your data protection is robust.

Superior Backups for Office 365 – Many businesses are surprised to learn that ubiquitous business-grade programmes like Office 365, and even commonly used business software like SAGE do not provide proper data backup. If you accidentally delete something a few days ago, you cannot retrieve it. Luckily, Squirrel can look after all of your 365 files.

Easy Setup – Our tech team will deploy Squirrel for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Cloud-to-Local Option – You can choose to also have on-site copies of customer data for even more security and faster access to backups in any situation.

Rapid Backups – Squirrel is swifter than many competitor cloud data backup systems and is 30% more rapid than Veeam.

The Most Comprehensive Backup – Squirrel’s biggest claim to fame is that it is the system that backs up what most systems miss. So, no matter where those important digital nuts have gotten to, Squirrel can restore them.

Simple To Manage – Squirrel is managed by our online portal but also includes email notifications of backup confirmations.

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