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1st March 2023

Dispelling The Myths Of Hardware Leasing: How Much IT Support Will I Really Receive?

Carissa Parnell

Computer hardware leasing solutions provide many more benefits than businesses might expect.

In addition to the financial advantages of making computer equipment more affordable and improving your cashflow, there is also a wealth of IT support.

Modern hardware leasing from specialists like Device For Teams go much further than simply sending the hardware itself. There is a range of complementary services that will enhance your device strategies and make managing IT much easier.

In spite of computer hardware leasing packages offering more options and support than ever, this isn’t always common knowledge.

False assumptions and myths about hardware leasing continue to confuse business owners and prevent them from accessing this excellent service.

We are hoping to dispel the outdated, negative myths around hardware leasing so that all industries and businesses of all sizes can receive more assistance with their IT needs.

One of the strangely prevalent, persisting myths about hardware leasing is that there is little to no IT support.

Business owners frequently believe that they need to pay other third parties for IT tech support and other IT issues. They worry that leasing providers simply drop off the devices and there is no ongoing relationship or contact point for support.

From Where Does This Hardware Leasing Myth Originate?

Computer hardware leasing in the past is not what it is today. The myth is not completely illogical and did have some truth to it, back when computer leasing first emerged on the market.

It is true that some leasing providers offered a very basic service. The only real benefit was the spreading of costs. A lease didn’t do much but give affordable access to hardware.

Luckily, this is now a very outdated practice, and it does not reflect the reality of modern computer leasing at all.

How Much IT Support Will You Really Receive With Computer Hardware Leasing?

The vast majority of modern-day, post-pandemic computer leasing solutions will come with an IT support package.

Devices For Teams is an example of a leasing provider that offers fully comprehensive support wrappers that can cover absolutely all of your IT needs.

Our leasing solutions have been designed to provide detailed assistance even for businesses with no IT department at all. In fact, the accompanying support with Devices For Teams packages can eliminate the need for any in-house IT support completely, as well as any other third-party support.

Devices For Teams can be an all-in-one solution and your one-stop shop for IT. That means your package can cover everything from IT tech support to cyber security, MDM device management, remote deployment, strategic advice on upgrades, full device life-cycle care, computer pre-configuration, data wiping and more.

The best part is that while the support wrappers are comprehensive, they can also be flexible and customised to suit the amount of support that you require.

This makes them fit perfectly with any business structure and removes all of the chores that usually come with managing IT.

The support is swift and effective. Devices For Teams can even provide troubleshooting with the manufacturer’s IT support teams, such as those from Apple and Microsoft.

While full tech support wrappers are now commonplace in leasing solutions, few other leasing providers go to the extent of Devices For Teams with the level of software configuration and management support.

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