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5th January 2024

An Effortless and Cost-Neutral Solution to Provide Every Student with a Hassle-Free Laptop

Kia Deeks-Hyde

Ofcom’s 2023 report into children’s media use reveals a striking reality, that 40%[1] of parents thought their child lacked consistent access to a device that connected to the internet and was suitable for schoolwork at home.

This statistic is particularly concerning, especially in the aftermath of nationwide lockdowns that forced many students to adapt to remote learning.

This digital divide is often referred to as ‘device poverty’ and can seriously damage a student’s ability to reach their full potential. In an era of hybrid learning, lack of access to suitable devices can be a real barrier to academic success and personal development.

At Devices for Teams, we’ve reinvented IT leasing. We’re a one stop shop for financing, supply, support, security and so much more. And to combat device poverty, we’ve created a solution: One laptop for every student, paid for by parents on a flexible, affordable, leasing solution. This is 1:1 Parental Leasing for Schools.

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What is 1:1 Parental Leasing?

Parental leasing allows parents to choose a device from your school’s personalised catalogue and pay in small monthly payments that don’t break the bank. So you can provide students with the tech they need to succeed, without using your school’s computing budget. In-fact, where leasing is stereotypically seen as a way to pay more for what you need, parental leasing offers devices to students at less than retail value.

Devices can suddenly become accessible to students who, as a result of challenging circumstances or backgrounds, have previously been unable to get hold of the technology needed for effective learning. Whether it’s large upfront costs or struggles to get credit, parental leasing breaks down these barriers, closing the digital divide of device poverty.

And what’s more, we will deploy and support the device so you don’t have to.

Devices can be acquired with bespoke term lengths, giving parents the ability to switch devices, and we include an ownership option, allowing parents to purchase devices at the end of the term.

Devices are covered and protected by our 3-year support package, and parents have the option to include Safeguard protection, for an additional safety net against theft or damages. In any case, we’ll provide a loan device to make sure learning isn’t interrupted.

Our 1:1 Parental Leasing solution offers a personalised catalogue of devices, including options from Apple, Samsung, Dell, and Microsoft. With affordable monthly fees and flexible leasing terms, parents can choose the best device for their child’s needs.

5 Steps to Student Empowerment

Let’s look at our 5-step process for empowering students:

Step One –  We’ll arrange a meeting with your school’s representative to discuss requirements and rental/leasing options.

Step Two –  A call will be arranged between our technical engineers and your school’s representative, to go over pre-configuration options, timelines, and lead times.

Step Three –  Your account manager can visit the school to inform parents about the products, support, and ensure everyone is onboard and satisfied.

Step Four – The necessary paperwork can be completed within minutes, and will grant access to a parent order portal via a link.

Step Five – Each device is sent out, pre-configured for the students’ needs, ready to go, straight out of the box.

1:1 parental leasing

How can we help you manage and secure your devices?

Once those devices are in the hands of your students, Devices for Teams makes sure they’re being used for the correct purpose to maximise value for parents and teachers.

We provide mobile device management tools to help you set up restrictions and manage permissions, and of course to lock things down when needed.

Our encrypted portal allows parents to view payments, insurance, warranty claims and more from a secure location. Devices can be shipped from your approved catalogue in just a few clicks.

And we don’t just deliver computers, we’ll be fully invested by providing free training for staff, to make sure your students can reach their full potential.


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