16th November 2023

Elevating IT Services With Better Management, Redistribution, Carbon Offsetting & Insurance – All In One Place

Steve Hill

Have you ever thought about just how many tasks are associated with your IT requirements to run your company?

Computer hardware and software touch almost every aspect of modern, functional businesses. Without this tech, essential business activities, such as marketing, budgeting and financing, communicating, and, sometimes, even creating the product or service itself, would be impossible.

It is, therefore, fair to say that computer technology is integral to almost all business operations. While this tech enables us to do incredible things and has shaped the world, it does come with a fair number of chores and maintenance for businesses.

There’s the sourcing of the computer hardware, financing it, deploying it, and setting it up with the right software for each department and employee. Of course, that is just the beginning. Computer devices take ongoing maintenance, updates, and repairs to keep them operational. In a business setting, they must be upgraded regularly to remain relevant in the competitive market. What about your cyber security? What about insuring your hardware in the event of the unexpected? And how can you approach your IT needs in an environmentally friendly way, as pressure to be green is mounting from the UK government?

All-in-all it’s a lot to consider. Carrying out all these background tasks can create significant downtime and stress for a company. Yet all of these are crucial and non-optional if you want your IT to run smoothly and support your business objectives. But what if you could outsource every single one of your IT needs so that it is all handled for you by one expert provider?

 The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT

There are many advantages to outsourcing the demanding operations of IT. Some of the top benefits include:

Less downtime – When you outsource all your IT, you don’t have to spend time on maintenance, updates, or even arranging the tasks yourself. This saves you and your staff an enormous amount of time.

Less stress – You don’t have to spend precious business hours or directors’ spare time researching how to keep hardware in tip-top shape. It provides complete peace of mind and many chores off your plate.

A rise in productivity – With less energy spent on IT operational chores, all your staff and managers can fully focus on profit-driven ventures.

More sophisticated tools – When you outsource computer services, you engage the assistance of IT experts who can advise on the latest tools that can support your industry and type of business. There might be software and services that you aren’t even aware of that can boost your profits, save money, increase security, and generally make life simpler.

Better strategic choices – With the right outsourcing of IT services, you will gain access to tools that give you better insight into your IT and help you make strategic choices and better-informed financial decisions regarding your IT hardware.

More cost-effective choices – If you outsource your IT services to a trustworthy, knowledgeable provider, they can guide you to make the most cost-effective decisions for your future IT.

 The Advantages Of One Expert Provider

It is readily apparent that outsourcing some departments, especially computer services, can be helpful to companies. However, what are the key advantages of using one provider for all your IT needs?

Finding one provider for all your IT needs can be a big gain for companies for the following reasons:

One clear point of communication – When you use multiple sources for your IT that means having to communicate and explain your needs to various people. By using one IT provider for every computer service, you will have one dedicated account manager who knows your business and its IT thoroughly.

Holistic expert support – Your IT experts can provide holistic support to your business when they supply and comprehend each service that you are utilising. They can provide better advice and strategy in the services that they offer.

Single clear invoice – If you have a sensible, singular IT provider, it can make billing far simpler. One easy-to-understand monthly bill for all IT services is far less confusing than many invoices from numerous companies. You are also far more likely to get good deals and special offers.

Speedier delivery – When all your IT comes from one source, there’s no waiting on multiple third parties. This vastly increases the speed at which your IT services can be carried out.

No red tape – With one provider handling everything from hardware and lease financing to recycling and deployment, you will find there is far less red tape in getting things done and moving new services forward.

Services appropriately tailored to your needs – One provider, who is an expert in all IT services from hardware to cybersecurity to management, is able to get a better overview of your goals and needs. It is then more straightforward for this type of supplier to tailor your packages to match your business objectives and internal structure. Not every company will need the same level of IT support, or the same type of security.

Less incidents – When you have multiple suppliers offering different IT services there is a reduction in communication and understanding. The provision of those services can clash and actually lead to mistakes. Whereas with one supplier all your IT services will run smoothly and complement each other and your company as a whole.

A partner who knows your business needs inside and out – When one supplier handles each step of your IT, they can come to know your business far more clearly. Being this involved in your operations allows them to become more akin to a partner who understands your goals precisely. This results in your partner being able to gain much better insight, therefore providing superior advice, services, and customisation of those services to help your business grow and thrive.

Which Products Can Elevate Your IT Services?

So, we now understand that there is a lot to managing IT. We know that it’s vital to running a business and so outsourcing IT can save a lot of time. We also now understand the numerous pros of sourcing all your IT services from one provider. But what are some of the most useful IT services that businesses should engage with to ensure success?

Well, to start, it’s always beneficial to have a reliable way to source and finance your computer equipment, for example via reliable device leasing. This is more affordable and usually comes with access to upgrades and support.

Hardsoft provide a range of computer equipment leases, including Devices for Teams, which is a Device as a Service-style lease. This comes with a plethora of automatic upgrades, tax benefits, support, and expert advice.

Yet, as we outlined above, and as most businesses are probably well aware, useful IT tasks don’t end at hardware provision. So, what services can really elevate your business IT to the next level and make your operations even easier?

IT Services To Improve Your Business IT Experience:

Management – Many businesses can benefit from having greater control of their hardware and how it is used by staff. This boosts both productivity and security. There are tools available to give companies remote control of passwords, encryptions, app usage and more for their entire fleet of hardware wherever it may be located. Proper device management is one of the best ways to improve your approach to IT.

Redistribution – Repair, repurpose, and redistribution is the future mantra of computer equipment. It is all about getting the most value from your devices and being able to easily retrieve, reconfigure, and redeploy them throughout your company. This is especially helpful when taking devices from ex-staff and redistributing them to new hires.

Carbon Offsetting – Companies are under increasing pressure from the UK government to be more environmentally friendly. In an effort to combat the effects of climate change, the government wants to be carbon neutral by 2050. This target of net zero is putting strain on businesses. The manufacture, life usage and end-of-life of computer devices is not known for being particularly environmentally friendly. Luckily, a combination of better recycling of e-waste and carbon offsetting can solve this and bring businesses in line with government ambitions. Carbon offsetting can write off your carbon footprint from IT hardware and invests in projects that reverse emissions.

Insurance – Unfortunately, the unexpected can sometimes occur which can cost a business significant financial resources and time. Accidents, theft, fires, floods, electrical issues and more can render computer hardware inoperable. Computer device insurance is one of the most important first steps of IT in business.

Data Backup – This is another excellent way to protect your business assets. While insurance can protect your physical hardware, and management tools can boost security in how devices are used, data backup can guard all of your digital assets. Without data backup, files can be lost either through error or malicious intent. This can cause devastating consequences for businesses.

Devices for Teams’ Portfolio Of Services

Devices for Teams  have created a product to carry out all of the above IT services for businesses to the highest calibre.

Our mission began as computer equipment lease providers, but through our experience of working with various companies over the years, we recognised that even more could be done to make IT better for businesses.

From our specialist knowledge of computer technology and our experience working with a range of companies, we were able to build a range of IT products that improved businesses’ IT operations.

When used together, these complementary products enable companies to use Devices for Teams as a totally end-to-end one-stop-shop for every IT requirement.

In addition to hardware, lease, general IT tech support and IT maintenance, Devices for Teams offer the following IT services:

Affordable Hardware Insurance With SafeGuardBulk IT insurance is crucial for companies but is often not very affordable and not always offering comprehensive coverage. SafeGuard is one of the most competitively priced IT hardware insurance options on the market. It also doesn’t punish policyholders for making a claim, Your premiums will not increase if you make a claim the previous year and the fixed three-year rate shields you from increases due to inflation.

Complete IT Asset Management with Shepherd MDMThe ideal way to gain that detailed control of how your hardware is used is with MDM software. Shepherd will let you remotely establish which apps your staff can use and which data they can access. You can set passwords, define safe networks, create encryptions, push updates automatically, and even data wipe lost or stolen devices.

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Redistribution & Full End-to-End Device Lifecycle Management With BoomerangBoomerang allows you to get the most value from devices and strategically move them throughout your company as your staff structure shifts. Boomerang can retrieve your hardware from offices or employee homes, repair the hardware if needed, data wipe the device, then reconfigure them to the new hire’s specific needs, and finally redeploy them to the new hire even at their home. We can even collect and recycle old devices using the greenest methods. Boomerang deliver redistribution of hardware, life cycle management and even temporary storage of hardware.

The Most Secure Cloud Data Backup With Squirrel – Squirrel is a sophisticated cloud data backup system by Hardsoft that protects data that wouldn’t normally be backed up. It can provide backups for all your files and data, including backups for all Microsoft 365 programme files.

Become Greener By Carbon Offsetting Your Computer Hardware Emissions – Devices for Teams offer cost-effective carbon offsetting, so businesses can write off all their computer hardware emissions and receive certification to prove the amount they have offset to official bodies and the government.

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