debunking the myths of IT leasing with devices for teams

1st February 2023

Expensive Or More Affordable Than You Thought? – Debunking The Myths Of Computer Device Leasing

Steve Hill

Computer device leasing has soared in popularity over the last few years among businesses.

Leasing was always a smart financial option given how it can improve cashflow by spreading the cost of valuable computer devices. Yet, in the past, many business owners were unaware of just how useful this could be or were nervous to move away from archaic systems of buying because at least the system was familiar to them.

Very recently, swift changes in modern business practices have made it clear that computer device leasing and its many associated perks and support plans are the way forward.

It just makes sense with how quickly computer technology advances, the multi-layered support now required for managing devices, and the more diverse way in which employees must work.

However, one strange myth that continues to put businesses off computer leasing solutions is the idea that it is expensive.

Many business owners mistakenly believe that leasing computers is much more expensive than buying and, therefore, only relevant to large corporations.

pink icon for cost neutral with pound signThe Myth: Leasing Computer Is Expensive

Many still believe that, overall, computer device leasing is more expensive than buying in the long term.

On top of this false myth, is the notion that the insurance adds extra expense and that there are numerous hidden admin fees.

All this creates the idea that leasing is a costly affair.

The thing is that none of it is true, especially with Devices For Teams leasing.

Leasing Is One Of The Most Affordable Supply Chains For Acquiring Computer Devices

Let’s address the core concern, that leasing is more expensive in the long run.

Firstly, having a healthy cashflow is vital for a business. This is extra important for smaller businesses, new launches, start ups, scale ups, and, of course, for any company in harder economic periods.

You need good cashflow to be able to invest in profit driven campaigns, to make innovative decisions, and to put your hand on sums of cash in an emergency for unexpected expenses.

When you have an essential but large outgoing expenditure, such as computer devices, it can temporarily disrupt your cashflow if you choose to buy outright. It’s even more of a hit to your budget if you must bulk buy devices.

This circumstance is actually most common for new launches with the most precarious cashflow, since they will have a lot of new hires coming onto the team.

This big outgoing purchase can hamper profit-driven plans and innovation. Worst of all it leaves you vulnerable in an emergency.

With leasing, the costs are spread into monthly, manageable bite-sized payments. You always know what your outgoings will be, and it makes a far smaller dent in your icon for safeguard protection cover

It’s also time to completely debunk the idea that leasing devices must be more expensive overall. With Devices For Teams, our leasing solutions are cost-neutral, meaning that you don’t have to spend more than you would buying the devices, it is merely more spread out.

It’s time to go even further and debunk those other cost myths of computer device leasing.


Transparent Optional Insurance

The insurance is not more expensive than cover when you are buying the device.

Firstly, insurance cover is optional when you lease computer devices. Secondly, with Devices For Teams’ SafeGuard Protection, it is easy to understand exactly what you are getting with your cover.

SafeGuard insures you against theft and accidental damage during your lease. If your device becomes damaged it will be rapidly repaired and you will be provided with a loan device until yours is ready. It is an optional but cost-effective solution to device insurance with zero surprises.


No Hidden Fees

Finally, one of the most common myths about computer leasing is that there are hidden costs icon for hidden fees

With Devices For Teams, there are no hidden costs. There are no setup or admin fees. There is no uncertainty. It is all fully transparent and simple to understand. This is because Devices For Teams is its own finance company. There is no third party adding confusing extras to your bill.

Leasing computer devices is also highly tax-efficient. There are so many reasons why it is the most affordable and straightforward solution for accessing computer devices.


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