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31st January 2022

Hardsoft Joins The Apple Consultants Network

Stan Milanovich


Hardsoft has taken the next step in our relationship with our partners at Apple: We have joined the Apple Consultants Network!

Hardsoft Apple consultancy network This was a natural step for us as it enables Hardsoft to add a formal recognition to the highly specialist services we can provide. Hardsoft is already well known as the best-rated company for businesses looking to have the perfect Apple device lease package for their company.

Hardsoft has been working alongside Apple for over a decade now as an authorised reseller. However, we do much more than simply resell Macs. Hardsoft has joined the Apple Consultants Network to highlight the extra knowledge and training that our team brings to a relationship with your company as device suppliers.

Not only are we authorised to resell Apple products, but we can provide a high level of technical support for all devices, and an unprecedented level of strategic support as well when it comes to how your company uses and upgrades devices.

Hardsoft has put our understanding of growing business needs and Apple technology into creating the ideal leasing solutions, which are far more comprehensive than any others you will find on the market.

Our Devices For Teams (D4T) packages are the best example of how we’ve used our knowledge and position on the Apple Consultants Network to create the best leasing solutions possible.


What Is The Apple Consultants Network?

The Apple Consultants Network connects businesses in need of Apple technology and support with providers like Hardsoft, who specialise in Apple solutions.

This will make it even easier for relevant businesses to find us and get our assistance with choosing the right Apple technology for their industry and business size.

Benefits Of Using Hardsoft

  • Specialist training in Apple technology

  • Including the latest Apple M1 devices

  • An extensive wrapper of support for Apple business devices

Unique specialist Apple device supplying solutions e.g., Device For Teams DaaS packages

Is D4T The Right Solution?

Add devices Having been connected to Hardsoft thanks to the Apple Consultants Network, what’s next?

This is where Hardsoft can evaluate your business and devise the best solution for your situation.

For the vast majority of rapidly growing businesses, our D4T packages offer the most extensive support and granular control of your lease.


Not only does D4T allow businesses to lease the very best Apple devices, but it also enables them to:

  • Automatically upgrade to the latest tech as it evolves from Apple

  • Scale the number of devices in your lease-up or down as required by your changing circumstances

  • Two different tiers for the D4T package for even greater choice and flexibility. Essentials focus on affordability, whereas Premium gives you the most granular control over your device solutions

  • Strategic advice on device choice for your team

  • The most comprehensive support imaginable from evaluation, supply, and installation, to maintenance, management, adding to MDMs, and tech support

  • Switch, add, or return devices as you need

  • Spread the cost of your devices into digestible monthly payments

  • Tax benefits

Think of D4T as our most tactical solution for rapidly growing businesses. It is designed to work with the changes in your company as it grows and reacts to shifting circumstances.

Devices For Teams is the best way to lease and deploy Apple devices to your team with minimal effort on your part and comprehensive support from highly trained experts.

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