16th August 2023

Hardsoft’s All-In-One Solution For Schools’ IT Services

Ryan Kelly

Devices For Teams from Hardsoft has developed a DaaS-style IT solution specifically for the needs of schools in the UK.

This system was created to give the education sector access to affordable computer equipment that has been designed to meet the needs of children and teachers in a learning environment.

The solution, Devices For Education Teams, is ideal for schools since it delivers:

  • Computer devices
  • Insurance for the equipment
  • Maintenance of your hardware
  • Repair

all from one supplier at affordable fixed rates.

Why Is High Quality Computer Equipment So Crucial For All Schools?

Modern education requires that schools have an impressive collection of computer equipment so that their pupils can develop appropriate IT literacy for their future careers.

Nearly every job in every sector requires a much higher degree of computer skills than in the recent past. Computer equipment and digital tools help staff to be more productive and produce higher quality services and products for their clients. It is no surprise that companies want their future workers to be tech natives.

The education system has, therefore, inherited the heavy task of cultivating high computer skills among pupils in a world where technology is changing very quickly.

This is why modern education has such a crucial focus on IT in every subject.

But Why Do Schools Need Laptops And Comprehensive IT Services From An Exterior Supplier?

1:1 computing has become the new standard for all pupils in schools. This means that every student should have access to a personal laptop in order to complete their homework and assignments, as well as access virtual lessons.

The pandemic managed to accelerate 1:1 computing for pupils, but it has been an adjustment for schools both financially and administratively to facilitate this.

In previous decades, desktop PCs were the standard in the majority of schools and were only commonly used in IT lessons, not necessarily in all subjects. However, modern lessons, homework, and coursework utilise computer software and this is across most if not all subjects.

This reflects the software and skills pupils will require if they take these subjects to the next levels in university or apprenticeships and potentially onto their future careers.

Additionally, the pandemic highlighted how important remote learning is for pupils. The government has prioritised 1:1 computing for all schools because it saw how some students who did not have access to their own computers at home were becoming severely disadvantaged.

Providing all pupils in a school or academy with laptops, enables them to engage with remote and independent learning which are crucial now in both primary and secondary schools but especially the latter.

However, 1:1 computing brings the matters of insurance and cyber safety to the forefront for schools, which is why schools now require such robust support from their IT solutions and suppliers.

What Are Some Of The Challenges Facing Schools & How Can We Solve Them?

Choosing the right devices – Schools need a large number of devices that are safe for students to use, intuitive to learn, and adapted to keep them focused on studies, putting the control in teachers’ hands.

Solution – Devices For Education Teams can recommend hardware that has been deliberately built for school-age pupils, such as the Microsoft Surface SE and Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook.

Bulk affordability – State schools can often apply for funds for their IT hardware and services. Private schools and academies have bursaries and their own funds, yet bulk IT hardware can be an expensive commitment for schools since they need to source hardware in such large numbers.

Solution – Devices For Education provides some of the most cost-effective leases of hardware for schools from only 50p per day per device.

IT solution adaptability from year to year – Another frustrating challenge for schools is the fluctuating class sizes from year to year. Whether a state school or private school or academy, this can make choosing the right amount of hardware difficult and costly.

Solution – Devices For Education Teams is a DaaS model with huge flexibility. Schools can scale the size of their lease to match current student numbers during the lease. They can add or return devices as needed. Alternatively, Devices For Education Teams can store computer equipment for their clients.

Insuring the computing equipment – This can be a major challenge for schools and academies. Firstly, insuring on bulk equipment can be expensive and most insurers have policies based on businesses rather than a simple, cost-effective policy based on the needs of schools.

It is also stressful for schools to acquire reasonably priced insurance for all their devices as young students can be less conscientious about their laptops than adults.

The result is that, even if schools can find good leases or deals on the hardware itself, they are frequently stung by the insurance cost.

Solution –  Luckily, the Devices For Education Teams solution can supply our very special SafeGuard insurance.

SafeGuard is one of the best types of insurance for accidental breakage, spills, or theft. It is a fixed price to insure, (which only rises with inflation), and we can cover any and all devices that you order. Not only will Devices For Education Teams cover devices that we have supplied to schools, but we can also insure equipment that you already own! SafeGuard is only £15 per month for a Chromebook or Surface SE and is among the most competitively priced cover on the market.

Pupils’ cyber safety – This is one of both teachers’ and parents’ paramount concerns when it comes to 1:1 computing. IT literacy and education are crucial, yet they can open children up to a digital world full of risks. This risk can be from malware and other cybercrime or from exposure to inappropriate online content, or even simply apps that are distracting to their studies.

Solution – While hardware designed for schools, (such as the Galaxy Chromebook and the Microsoft Surface SE), has many extra in-built security features, Devices For Education Teams are experts in cyber security software. We work with schools to develop the best cybersecurity plans for a school’s needs. With a comprehensive IT solution like Devices For Education Teams, teachers can control the programmes that students use via MDM, while elite cyber security software protects the devices from hacking and malware.

Simplicity – Maintaining and repairing student IT devices can be a significant administrative headache for schools on top of their other responsibilities.

Solution – Having IT equipment, insurance, setup, repair, servicing, maintenance, installation, deployment, and advice all from one expert supplier makes life easier for schools. They can outsource all their IT needs and have everything managed in one place with no fuss, less planning, and less cost.

This is why an All-In-One solution is more affordable for schools, saves staff time, and reduced administrative burdens.

There are even free trials available for the Microsoft Surface SE and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook for schools. These are laptops deliberately designed for use in schools and our free trial allows schools and academies to decide which best suits their needs before committing to their order.

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