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2nd May 2023

How Buying Carbon Credits For Devices Is Helping The Planet

Carissa Parnell

When companies buy carbon credits for their computer equipment, they can help save the planet.

Electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets have become an integral part of our lives. They provide us with entertainment, enable communication, and make our lives easier. In the business domain, they are often essential for the creation of products, services, delivery, and communication. Few companies could function without computer devices. Yet, there is a steep environmental consequence.

As the demand for electronic devices continues to rise, so does their impact on the environment.

The production, transportation, and disposal of these devices release a significant amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and climate change.

This is where carbon offsetting and carbon credits come in and save the day.

Carbon offsetting is a way to balance out the carbon emissions produced by a business or organisation.

When a business engages with carbon offsetting, such as the service offered by Devices For Teams, they can support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But what are the carbon credits and how do they work in the scenario of businesses using carbon offsetting methods? Let’s explore the role of carbon credits and how they can aid your company in saving the planet.


Carbon Credits Explained

Carbon credits are a type of carbon offset that can be bought and sold on carbon markets.

A carbon credit can work like a certification representing the amount of CO2 emissions that you have successfully offset by your investment into emission reducing projects. This is important when it comes to reporting on carbon reduction and environmental policy.

One carbon credit is equal to one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) that has been reduced or removed from the atmosphere. Carbon credits can be generated by projects such as renewable energy production, energy efficiency improvements, converting waste to energy, and reforestation. These projects are often located in developing countries, where the cost of carbon reduction is lower. In this way carbon offsetting can have, not only environmental benefits but also economic and social benefits for the local communities as well.

When a business or organisation buys carbon credits, they are effectively financing these projects and supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

It is helpful to think of carbon offsetting as the overall process of investing in projects to reduce your carbon footprint and your carbon credit is almost like your receipt, proof, and record of the amount that you offset.

Carbon credits and carbon offsetting are vital in the fight against damaging climate change and can help businesses remain compliant with current and future environmental legislation.Blog image with Carbon Credit icon and earth


Carbon Credits Investing

Investing in carbon credits is becoming increasingly popular, as businesses look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable projects.

Carbon credits can be purchased directly from carbon credit suppliers, brokers, or through carbon markets. The price of carbon credits can vary, depending on the project and the market demand.

However, Devices For Teams provides its clients with one of the most affordable, transparent, and simplest services for carbon offsetting.

It is affordable because it only costs 3% extra on top of your normal computer equipment leasing price.

It is transparent because you know exactly which projects you are investing in and how that money will save the planet. Devices For Teams is currently supporting the creation of wind farms in northeast Brazil in our carbon offsetting project. This creates more clean, renewable energy, brings jobs and electricity to the region, and even supports education.

The service is simple because it takes all the burdens and chores of carbon offsetting off our clients. We handle everything for you to ensure your leased computer equipment is automatically carbon offset. We can even help you offset existing devices.

Investing in carbon credits not only supports sustainable projects but also provides financial returns. The value of carbon credits can appreciate over time, as the demand for sustainable projects increases.

Investing in carbon credits can help to diversify investment portfolios, as the demand for sustainable investments continues to grow.Blog image with Net Zero icon and CO2 icon in bubbles with earth


Buying Carbon Credits For Electronics and Computers

Carbon credits for electronic devices like computers are one of the most important areas for businesses to consider when broaching carbon offsetting.

Many don’t realise the high cost of the whole life cycle of computer hardware. While technology is improving and laptops etc are becoming more energy efficient, they are being produced at a rate far higher than ever before.

Sadly the manufacture of computer components and materials is a harmful one, especially when we look at mining for the right minerals and the emissions released in production.

While technology and production techniques are improving, we are still a long way from eliminating emissions in the creation of computers. This is why carbon offsetting is so vital for IT.

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