How can DaaS solution help your business over come obstacles

10th February 2022

How Can a DaaS Solution Help Your Business Overcome Obstacles?

Stan Milanovich

The development of each successful business faces a number of challenges as it grows. Even the fastest-growing companies and ultimate successes face obstacles both operational and financial.

However, during the ongoing pandemic, businesses have had to react to completely new circumstances, some of which are totally unfamiliar territory.

D4T daas by HardSoft Yet there are simple adjustments that companies can make to aid them in this new landscape. When it comes to sourcing hardware, this was always an obstacle to businesses, due to the high cost. Over the last decade, it has become worse since computer technology evolves so quickly that hardware becomes redundant far more swiftly.

The pandemic greatly exacerbated this particular obstacle since many workers moved to home working. It was not simply the change in how we work that was the issue, but rather the speed at which it took place, leaving businesses very little time to employ new techniques.

The second major problem that the pandemic introduced was unpredictability. There is always an element of the unpredictable in business. Companies invest millions into the research of tech, market shifts, and customer behaviour to mitigate this inherent uncertainty. The pandemic made unpredictability an ever-present threat.

Thankfully, shifting to a more adaptive method of sourcing hardware is one way that businesses can better cope with an unpredictable environment.

Let’s look at some common business obstacles and how they differ or are exacerbated by the pandemic and how a DaaS solution can help companies overcome these problems more easily.

Common Business Obstacles

Funding access – Attracting investors is always a challenge and can stop an innovative idea in its tracks. Market saturation of certain services makes it even harder.

Finance running out – Even with the right initial financial aid, businesses can burn through their budget too quickly when trying to launch and attract interest from customers.

Attracting and retaining talent – Candidates are far pickier about the type of company they will work for but retaining the best talent is even harder. Certain sectors also find themselves with a skills shortage since, of course, there are trends in popular careers and education.

Sourcing Equipment – As outlined above, equipment is a major expense for businesses and that is before even considering the maintenance costs.

Maintaining Productivity – This is the key to a company making real money but there are many factors that influence it from the working environment and the software you use to employee happiness.

New Obstacles Generated From The Pandemic

The pandemic didn’t erase most of the normal obstacles. In most cases, it made them worse as it disrupted normal buyer behaviour and the market.

By adding unpredictability, it makes it harder for businesses to:

Make the right investments – With budgets squeezed choosing where to spend the diminishing budget is a problem.

Knowing which tech will be most useful – While technology can make a strange circumstance easier, the upheaval and unprecedented times have rendered it a minefield to know which tech would actually help. Most businesses never know when new laws, restrictions, social distancing, and lockdowns are going to take place.

Hire the right number of people – When lockdowns don’t happen, infection rates rise, which means more people off work. So many, in fact, that entire companies can grind to a halt and must shut.

By far the biggest two issues are:Apple MacBook Pro 14" Security

  • Enabling people to work the way they want and need to, whether it be at home, in the office or on site

  • Supplying staff with the right tech to do their jobs properly and securely wherever they are

This is where DaaS can save the day.

How DaaS Helps To Overcome Challenges

While DaaS cannot magic away all business obstacles and challenges of the pandemic, it can make dealing with unpredictability simpler.

  • IaaS, PaaS, Saas, DaaS Since DaaS works on a subscription lease model, it does make financing hardware much more straightforward. The digestible monthly payment takes the strain off the budget.

  • DaaS is unique among leasing by putting the emphasis on service. There is much more support available from your hardware supplier. This enables a surge in flexibility. It teaches businesses how to use their devices better, deploy them, configure them, manage, and repair them. This lets businesses empower their staff to work in any way while maintaining cyber security.

  • DaaS also has inbuilt upgrades and some packages even let you swap devices to match your changing circumstances. This is the feature that provides ultimate flexibility in uncertain times.

  • With Hardsoft’s DaaS you can even mix and match hardware types, return devices at no penalty, so you can scale the lease-up and down, and we offer trade-ins on old hardware.

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