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29th September 2022

How Can D4T Help With Zero Touch Deployment Of Hardware?

Ryan Kelly

Restrictions may be coming to an end across the UK in the wake of falling COVID cases, but the zero-touch deployment of computer equipment is still extremely valuable to businesses.

Why Is Zero-Touch Deployment Desirable?

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  • It’s safe
  • It’s efficient
  • It’s flexible
  • It’s ideal for multiple sites
  • It saves time
  • It removes burdens from your IT department
  • It increases productivity
  • It’s secure
  • It’s simple
  • It is the best way to source computer hardware

Why Is Zero-Touch Deployment Safe And Why Does That Matter?

There is less physical handling of the devices and little physical interaction required. The device is ordered, remotely set up and shipped straight to the office or home of your employees. It’s ideal for hybrid workers to receive new hardware at home. This prevents the spread of COVID but additionally of any other illnesses. Businesses with vulnerable or older staff will find this to be a great peace of mind as they keep their hybrid workers or remote workers safer.

While the restrictions are coming to an end, the safety and health of your staff still matter. Many, particularly the vulnerable or those with vulnerable family members may be anxious about the lack of restrictions and calls to return to the office. Many will have embraced hybrid working. This is where staff sometimes come into the office or sometimes work from home.

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With case numbers remaining high and the isolation period still in effect, though reduced, businesses will still find staff having to work from home when contracting the virus.

Reducing their exposure and making it easier for staff to safely receive their devices at home is a big step in reassuring them and helping them to work effectively.

What Makes Zero-Touch Deployment More Efficient?

Since all devices can be pre-configured remotely while en route to their destination, this makes their deployment incredibly efficient. They arrive already set up and ready to go with personalised software and settings, ensuring that staff can get to work straight away.

How Is Zero-Touch Deployment More Flexible Than Other Deployment Methods?

It allows businesses to quickly ship fully set up devices to their staff wherever they are in the UK.

With D4T, this excellent deployment and pre-configuration system are combined with the advantages of the DaaS solution. The result is that your computer hardware lease provider is able to swiftly deploy equipment to your staff in bulk, as individual items for new staff, to multiple offices, to staff’s homes etc.

When you upgrade to the latest tech as part of your DaaS package or want to swap devices, the zero-touch deployment can help there too.

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Zero-touch deployment is incredibly adaptive for staff with all sorts of circumstances and work needs.

Why Is Zero-Touch Best For Multiple Sites?

Rather than an on-site installation team, zero-touch deployment makes it a breeze to ship your computer hardware to all your offices across the UK.

How Zero-Touch Deployment Saves Companies Time?

Thanks to the remote pre-configuration aspect of zero-touch deployment, all your business’s hardware can arrive fully set up. All your staff individual accounts, software, apps, company servers and security will be implemented and ready to go when you receive the equipment.

This saves businesses a lot of time. Additionally, there is a reduction in downtime and disruption caused by outside teams, or your own internal team, manually installing all the new devices and setting them up onsite.

How Does Zero-Touch Remove Burdens From Your IT Department And Why Is This Beneficial?

Since the full setup and deployment is carried out by your D4T lease provider, your IT department need not concern themselves with new device installation. They can focus on profit-driven work.

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Zero-touch deployment and D4T are also ideal for companies that lack a dedicated IT department.

How Can Zero-Touch Deployment Increase Productivity?

Since staff don’t waste time setting up their new devices themselves, there is less downtime and no learning curve. They can get straight to work and increase productivity.

Why Is Zero-Touch Deployment Good For Security?

There are fewer chances for theft or interference. With remote pre-configuration in the zero-touch deployment, additional cyber security, MDMs and company servers can be set up for hybrid working staff.

What Makes Zero-Touch Deployment A Simple Solution?

Everything can be done with the click of a button remotely. From ordering to shipping to setup, everything is handled remotely with a zero-touch approach. It is simple and your business doesn’t have to worry about the logistics.

Why Is Zero-Touch Deployment The Best Choice For Acquiring Your Hardware?

D4T uses deployment systems such as Apple Business Manager, Microsoft Autopilot and Samsung Knox to swiftly deploy devices without the need to handle them. This can include a complete remote pre-configuration and additional support.

Zero-touch is swift, safe, and secure. It is one of the many reasons that D4T is the best option for deploying all your computer hardware.

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