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22nd April 2022

How Can DaaS Support The Whole Device Lifecycle and Benefit Your Business?

Stan Milanovich

Devices For Teams by HardSoft is one of the most popular DaaS (Device as a Service) solutions on the market. It’s a prime choice for sourcing and leasing the latest computer equipment and is far more flexible than most other DaaS packages.Device as a service IT services and benefits from DaaS HardSoft

One of the best aspects of Devices For Teams is how HardSoft can not only provide fantastic, affordable computer hardware leases with exceptional support but also take care of your whole device lifecycle.

For businesses, computer hardware is usually costly, not merely in terms of financial expense to acquire the equipment, but in many other ways as well. Installations, setup, maintenance, and proper disposal of computer equipment is expensive in money and time for companies.

By having your hardware lease provider oversee the entire device lifecycle, it will save your business time and money.

The Device Lifecycle In Devices For Teams


The first step in the computer leasing journey with HardSoft is a thorough evaluation. If you are unsure what devices will work the best for your ambitious team, HardSoft can conduct an evaluation and recommend the most suitable tools for your business objectives and industry.Front view image of an Recycle with PC's in the middle

Trade-in Old Hardware

The process then addresses old devices you already own. Before you begin your Device For Teams lease, you will likely have old, outdated hardware lying around taking up space.

You can trade-in your old devices for cash with HardSoft, so you actually make money off of the ageing gear. Hardsoft will come to collect your old devices and carefully recycle them using green methods.


Whether it’s a full office installation or a remote zero-touch set up for devices delivered to your home workers, HardSoft will assist with all aspects of the installation.


By preconfiguring your devices, HardSoft can save your team valuable time and boost your company’s productivity. We can configure your newly leased hardware from us so that it is ready for each individual employee. It will be fully set up with all the required updates and cyber security. No time will be lost as employees faff with the rigmarole of setting up a new device. All their required accounts, apps and hardware will be on the device. This allows staff to get working straight away once the hardware is installed at the office or delivered to their home


Having a Device For Teams business lease with HardSoft is the best way to deploy devices to a remote team. With Apple Business Manager, Microsoft Autopilot and Samsung Know, HardSoft can order, register, deploy and set up your devices remotely and rapidly.

Management, Maintenance and Extra Support

With a Device For Teams lease, the help doesn’t stop when the devices reach you. HardSoft offer ongoing technical and strategic support throughout your lease.

We can teach you how to utilise your hardware most effectively, so you make the most out of its features.switch devices

There will be 24-hour tech assistance for faults, and assistance with management, such as adding your devices to MDMs.

Upgrades, Swaps and Returns

Devices For Teams is a DaaS style hardware supply model. In this type of subscription, obsoletion is a thing of the past since your devices are regularly updated to the latest technology.

With HardSoft, you can also swap your devices or return them if your situation changes, and you need fewer or different devices.


It is tough to be green when it comes to computer hardware. Recycling technical components is complex, expensive and time consuming for companies. HardSoft makes it easy and straightforward by recycling your old hardware.

Once you have traded-in or upgraded your devices, we will come to collect them and re-use them in an environmentally friendly way.

Your devices will be wiped so they are secure then sold on or broken down for parts. We are able to recycle hardware in the greenest way possible.

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