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17th April 2023

How can Devices for Teams benefit HR Managers?

Steve Hill

What is ‘Devices for Teams’?

So, first of all – what is Devices for Teams?

Think of it as an array of IT services that make sourcing and managing computer equipment simpler for businesses.

Some of the most advantageous qualities of Devices for Teams include:

  • The leasing aspect with its financial benefits.
  • The ability to continually upgrade to the latest technology.
  • The option to add, switch, or return devices.
  • The extensive support provided.

As stated above, Devices for Teams is a leasing rather than buying method for sourcing computer hardware – and this quality alone creates a plethora of advantages for businesses.

Not only does this spread the cost of your devices to make it more manageable, but it is also an OPEX lease, meaning that you can continually write off the devices as an operational expense in your taxes.

Leasing is also advantageous because it improves cashflow. With spiralling bills, strengthening cashflow offers companies much needed stability, and can create more flexibility to progress any profit-driven investments.Blog image the hardsoft difference

Another important edge that Devices for Teams has is that it is a Device as a Service (DaaS) structure.

Regular upgrades to the latest technology and added IT support are primary elements of a DaaS lease, yet Devices for Teams is an especially flexible and comprehensive example of this system; in addition to upgrades, we allow businesses to scale the size of their lease up or down as needed.

This means that businesses can increase or decrease the number of devices as their internal staff makeup changes, and with the option to return hardware penalty free, never have to accrue more equipment than necessary.

The main services offered by D4T (Devices for Teams) that benefit HR Managers include the following:

  • Safeguard
  • Cybersecurity
  • Boomerang
  • Support

Join us as we delve into just how each of these D4T services can assist in solving the problems of modern HR managers!

How can HR Managers solve device theft issues?

A frustrating problem for modern day HR managers is that they are often the first to be approached when equipment is damaged or stolen, and they are frequently at a loss when it comes to reacting to the theft of expensive items such as computers.

Thankfully, our Safeguard feature can help with this.

Safeguard offers multi-layered cover for a variety of unforeseen scenarios, including both theft and accidents. You have access to our expert repair teams, plus loaner devices while your equipment is being fixed, and replacement devices in the case of theft.

This service covers both robbery and theft committed by employees and ex-staff.

With Safeguard, you are also covered against accidental damage, including dropping equipment, spills, fire, flood, storm, vandalism, electrical disturbances, and even falling objects.Blog image with Sales Stan on phone with two text bubbles talking about a stolen Mac

How can HR Managers keep work from home devices secure?

Safeguard takes many worries and burdens off HR managers, but there is still the issue of cybersecurity, especially with WFH (work-from-home) staff.

WFH and hybrid working will help you attract and retain staff without needing to offer pay rises. While this is beneficial, WFH still has its downfalls; unfortunately, a study by the Alliance Virtual Offices, reveals that WFH increased cyber-attack frequency by 238% during the pandemic.

That often makes WFH a risk that CEOs are unwilling to take.

Conversely, work/life balance is still one of the best options to attract superior talent; and, therefore, we believe that the solution is not to shy away from WFH but to utilise Devices For Teams’ adaptive services.

Devices For Teams can provide additional cybersecurity software that is relevant to your device-type, including Sophos, Avast, Barracuda and more.

To combat the human-error element of WFH, Devices for Teams can include MDM (Mobile Device Management) setup and ongoing assistance.

With an MDM system such as Intune, businesses can control how remote workers use their company devices.

Your HR team could regulate which apps staff can use at home, how data moves through your network, and even wipe devices that are lost or stolen.

This puts security control directly in your hands.Blog image with Helen the Sales Director wanting to work from home and HardSoft helping her

How can HR Managers better handle device distribution?

WFH or hybrid working can impact more than just security and hardware distribution; it also entangles with staff turnover.

Hardware retrieval is a new task that HR must confront when staff leave the company thanks to WFH. It can be a complicated headache.

Ex staff might be disgruntled, or just disinterested to engage with sending equipment back now that their loyalties lie elsewhere.

Writing off expensive devices is costly and wastes time when new staff could have used the existing hardware.

This is why we offer our Boomerang service.

Boomerang can help your HR department in two ways:

Firstly, it can help you retrieve hardware from ex staff as we can arrange to collect it from their homes.

Boomerang has a high success rate for hardware retrieval since we directly arrange a day that is convenient for the ex-staff member and give them a one-hour time slot, so we don’t waste their time.

Our drivers have specialised plastic wallets for the devices, so they don’t need to package the hardware themselves.

This approach has significantly increased retrieval success rates.

The result is that your company doesn’t have to lose valuable hardware when an employee leaves.

Secondly, after retrieval, we can repurpose hardware for new staff by data wiping, repairing, and reconfiguring it to their needs.

Devices For Teams can actually preconfigure every device in your lease with each individual staff member’s portfolio. That’s all their software, apps, and accounts set up and ready to go as soon as it arrives at their door via zero touch deployment.

Whether it is preconfiguring a new device or collecting and repurposing a device retrieved from a previous employee, the whole process can be swift and done remotely with zero touch deployment.

This frees up your IT department to focus on more profit-driven tasks and again reduces burdens off HR.

Repurposing your leased hardware lets you get the most value from your computer equipment.

Devices For Teams also manage full device lifecycles, inclusive of green recycling at the end of device utility.

Devices For Teams can even safely store your hardware if you have an interim period of waiting to hire new staff.

Of course, as well as repurposing, there is always the option to swap that piece of kit for newer, faster, or just different tech when a new staff member joins. The swap feature is highly compatible with the realities of staff turnover.

For example, your business might add its own, in-house graphic design department, while downsizing its admin team. This would be a perfect time to swap to laptops with different specifications suited to the new department’s job function.

How can HR Managers combat the issue of IT support?

One of the best aspects of D4T is the support.

In addition to device supply, you receive:

  • Tech support
  • Strategic support
  • Expert advice
  • Cybersecurity support
  • MDM management

There are optional extras depending on how much support your individual business needs.

The service is so comprehensive that it can cover all of a business’s IT needs. This allows some companies to not even require an in-house IT department, thereby saving even more money on salaries.

As you are probably starting to see, it isn’t just a couple of issues that Devices for Teams can solve, it can help HR departments on various levels to improve business.

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