28th September 2023

How Can HR Managers Protect Their IT From Disgruntled Ex-Staff?

Carissa Parnell

HR (Human Resources) Managers have plenty of responsibilities when it comes to handling the needs of staff, including current workers, new employees, and staff leaving.

Frequently, providing for these workers comes under the provision of IT hardware as part of onboarding and offboarding procedures.

While many companies have their own IT department or outsource IT to handle hardware servicing and cybersecurity, it is often the responsibility of the HR department to deal with the organisation of dispensing IT devices to new staff and the retrieval of that IT device when staff leave.

It also often falls on HR managers’ shoulders to deal with the potential fallout of disgruntled ex-staff and the damage they can reap on a business’s IT hardware.

This is a heavy burden, especially when IT intricacies shouldn’t usually be the domain of HR. With businesses that lack a dedicated IT department, this situation is fairly common. However, our own clients communicate to us that even if larger companies have their own IT departments, these problems are still commonly placed on HR managers because of the human management element.

In this article, we will reveal how HR managers can protect their business’s IT hardware and IT security from disgruntled ex-staff. But first, let’s look deeper into the role and challenges of HR managers.

Responsibilities of HR Managers

HR managers play a pivotal role within organisations by overseeing a range of critical functions that contribute to the overall success of the workforce:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Employee onboarding
  • Training
  • Performance management
  • Compensation and benefits administration
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Fostering a positive work environment
  • Offboarding and handling letting staff go

HR managers are also tasked with aligning organisational objectives with human resource strategies, ensuring compliance with employee law and regulations, and promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The onboarding, training, performance management, and offboarding responsibilities are where HR frequently come into handling aspects of IT, such as the distribution of devices to staff or retrieving those devices when staff move on.

Challenges Faced By HR Managers

HR managers navigate a complex landscape of challenges as they strive to create a harmonious and productive workplace.

One of the significant hurdles they encounter is balancing the needs of employees with the strategic goals of the organisation. This often involves managing competing interests, such as maintaining employee satisfaction while ensuring operational efficiency.

Moreover, HR managers grapple with the intricacies of compliance with ever-evolving laws and regulations.

Some of the biggest challenges include:

Attracting the best talent in a changing cultural landscape – Candidate priorities have changed significantly since the pandemic, with work-life balance and pay both being at the top of many candidates’ lists when applying for jobs.

Attracting the right talent – In many fields, there is currently a talent shortage, so finding staff with the right skills is increasingly difficult.

Retaining talent – Employees often feel there is worse pay and less job security than there used to be and so they are more prone to job hop to get the results they seek. This makes talent retention a hard task for HR.

Creating diversity – Fostering diversity can be a big challenge for HR, especially while balancing retention and finding the right skills among candidates.

Mediating conflicts – Sometimes managers and workers can have disagreements or personality clashes, and these can cause some of HR managers’ biggest challenges

Handling disgruntled staff and ex-staff – This is what is often pushed onto HR unfairly since it can lead to IT security breaches, such as unhappy staff sharing private company data, or deleting necessary files.

How Can HR Managers Overcome The Challenges Of Disgruntled Ex-Staff Breaching IT Security?

Hardsoft’s secure IT business collection can offer HR managers very easy, intuitive services that can boost IT security and solve the threats that unhappy staff might leverage against a business’s IT security.

The secure IT business collection consists of four fantastic products that aid security.


What Is It?

A specialist IT hardware insurance.

How Can It Help HR Managers?

It can protect against unforeseen circumstances such as vandalism, theft (even by an employee or ex-employee), spillages, dropping devices, falling objects, electrical disturbances, floods, fires, or storms.

Unlike other insurance by third-party companies, SafeGuard is extremely affordable compared to other options on the market. Its low prices have won Hardsoft many clients because no other insurance policy is so cost-effective. It is also very quick to make a claim and receive a payout, as well as a replacement device since everything is handled by one provider.

There are no loopholes to avoid payouts and no punishments for making a claim by rising premiums. It is insurance designed for IT hardware by IT experts.


What Is It?

A unique IT asset management service for the retrieval, repurposing, redistribution, and storage of IT hardware.

How Can It Help HR Managers?

HR managers can deploy IT hardware as part of onboarding even to remote and WFH staff without lifting a finger. These IT devices can be fully configured to the software and specifications of each individual new hire and their role.

If there is a delay between new hires being onboarded after previous staff have left, HR managers can have devices securely and affordably stored rather than standing idle and posing a risk.

When offboarding staff, Boomerang can retrieve the hardware from their homes, so it doesn’t become a security liability.

On top of all of this, Boomerang manages the complete life cycle of the device, including all repairs, reconfigurations for future staff, again and again, and finally, the recycling of the electronic equipment when it is no longer useful.


What Is It?

A cloud data backup system for copying important company data on remote servers

How Can It Help HR Managers?

If files are deleted by accident, malfunction, or malicious intent, they will never be lost. Companies can avoid major setbacks by backing up all their data, including all their SAGE and Microsoft 365 data with Squirrel. It protects all of a company’s digital nuts better than any other backup system.


What Is It?

A superior MDM software for controlling how staff can use your hardware

How Can It Help HR Managers?

This will allow HR managers to control precisely how staff can use IT hardware even when they are at home. Managers will be able to push operating system updates, security software updates and more to the entire flock of hardware.

They can set permissions for which apps and networks workers can use and even data wipe and block off hardware that has been lost or stolen. It is one of the most effective tools for preventing ex-staff from causing cyber security breaches.

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