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26th April 2022

How Can Microsoft Surface SE Help Promote Learning From Home?

Carissa Parnell

Home learning and home education was something that almost all children, teachers and parents experienced during the pandemic. However, it is not an entirely new notion.

How Prevalent Is Learning From Home?

Homework has long been a part of the school experience, and while studies show that most pupils do benefit from some face-to-face education, a better home education experience can provide many advantages.

Prior to the pandemic, in 2019, roughly 60,500 children were homeschooled. As children move up through primary school to early secondary school, their amount of homework usually increases.

Learning from home, (whether it’s full-time homeschooling, lockdown homeschooling, or homework), can be more valuable when students have great communication and collaboration with teachers, and other students, as well as access great Edtech.Kid working on laptop for school work

Why Is Learning From Home Valuable To Pupils?

Home learning also gives students added responsibility and teaches them many valuable life skills including self-discipline, time management and the ability to display their independent learning skills.

This is one reason why home learning is so vital.

The right computer equipment makes home learning more successful. It’s not only crucial since it makes home learning and communication with educators possible, but also, the IT and digital skills gained are vital for their future careers regardless of industry. Almost all jobs now have a digital element.

What Challenges Does The UK Face With Home Learning?

Inequalities in home learning are stark. This problem was highlighted during the pandemic when it was revealed that many pupils, particularly in poorer families, have less access to the required digital equipment at home. They lacked adequate devices and reliable connectivity.Microsoft Surface SE front view

Enabling 1:1 computing in the education sector is the solution to this problem. 1:1 computing is ensuring that every child has their own device to do schoolwork from home. Unfortunately, the UK is very behind at facilitating 1:1 computing. While the USA was very successful at delivering devices to children during the pandemic, with 81% of primary school pupils receiving their own device, the UK has been far slower to match this. In the UK, only 3% of teachers surveyed were in schools where 1:1 computing had been properly achieved.

How Can The Microsoft Surface SE Promote Learning From Home?

The Microsoft Surface SE has been designed from the minds within Microsoft specifically for the education sector. One of its core aims is to improve and accelerate the rollout of 1:1 computing and high-quality home learning across the world.

What is 1:1 computing?

1:1 computing is the notion of every pupil having access to their own digital device for learning both within the school and at home.

The Microsoft Surface SE promotes home learning on two fronts:

  • It enables better distraction-free education. With its productivity and learning-focused apps, pupils can have a fantastic educational experience and develop new skills. The devices come with Windows 11 SE inbuilt, which provides the best collaboration and communication apps like Microsoft Teams for teachers to really connect with pupils in their homes. With Microsoft Intune For Education teachers also have the ability to control how devices are used.
  • It is very accessible and affordable for schools. At only $250 each and with a supply chain designed with maximum ease and efficiency for schools, it is simple for education institutions to implement and deploy these devices to their pupils.devies for education logo

Devices For Education Teams is now available for schools. It creates a streamlined process for teachers to order, deploy and manage Microsoft Surface SE devices. It creates an end-to-end solution that solves the affordability and operational challenges that schools face with sourcing hardware for 1:1 computing.

Hardsoft has been presenting at the Bett show in London this spring (March 23-25) all about EdTech Solutions, including Devices For Education Teams.

If you missed the webinar, you can still learn more about how Microsoft Surface SE is improving home learning for schools by contacting Hardsoft. There are amazing offers available for schools to get them started with Microsoft Surface SE quickly.

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