11th September 2023

How Can You Store & Repurpose Hardware With Boomerang

Steve Hill

Boomerang is a revolutionary IT service product from Devices For Teams. One of the reasons that Devices For Teams is such a popular DaaS (Device as a Service) solution for leasing computer equipment is due to the excellent associated IT services that we can offer.

Boomerang is just one of our available additional IT services, but it has proved especially popular with clients because of its many uses. Boomerang can help you to store your IT hardware and repurpose it as well.

What Is Computer Hardware Repurposing?

IT device repurposing plays a significant role in helping businesses get the most out of your devices.

Device repurposing essentially involves transferring useful equipment from one staff member to another, allowing businesses to extract the full potential from their leased or purchased computer devices.

Imagine a scenario where a remote employee leaves the company. Instead of letting the hardware gather dust or disposing of it, businesses can retrieve that equipment, wipe it clean of sensitive data, and configure it perfectly for the next hire. It can then be redeployed to that new staff member fuss-free.

This process is what repurposing hardware is all about; redeploying devices within the business to ensure maximum value and productivity.

The Advantages of Hardware Repurposing

Repurposing hardware brings several advantages to businesses.  It can bring financial savings, environmental benefits, and data security.

It offers a more cost-effective approach by emphasising repair and repurposing rather than automatically replacing devices. By utilising existing resources, businesses can save money and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Additionally, repurposing hardware contributes to environmental sustainability. In a world where e-waste is a growing concern, extending the lifespan of devices through repurposing significantly reduces the amount of electronic waste generated. This environmentally conscious approach aligns with businesses’ growing focus on sustainability.

Furthermore, repurposing hardware enhances data security. When a staff member leaves, proper data wiping procedures ensure that sensitive company information or personal info of the previous employee is removed from the device. It also blocks the previous staff members from still having access to accounts. By securely managing the transition of hardware, businesses can mitigate the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access.

Exploring Boomerang’s Features

Retrieval: With just a couple of clicks you can arrange retrieval of devices from your office or a staff member’s home or even an ex-employee’s home. Boomerang with arrange a day and time slot with them so it is as convenient as possible, and no one has to be waiting around all day. We collect the devices from you. You don’t even have to package them up as our courier arrives with a special protective plastic sleeve and you can simply place the laptop or device inside. This makes the collection process so simple and convenient. Retrievals from ex-staff members have a much higher success rate, so you don’t lose hardware.

Wiping & Repair: Boomerang ensures that sensitive data is wiped, and the ex-staff members no longer have access to any of your company accounts and data. We can also repair and update devices from any wear and tear.

Storage: If you don’t need to redeploy the device to a new staff member straight away, we can safely store it for you at very affordable rates. You may have a gap between staff leaving and new hires entering the company, so storing devices makes much more sense than getting rid of machines and rebuying or leaving them standing idle in your way.

Reconfiguration & Redeployment: When you are ready to use the hardware again, we can fully reconfigure it to the new hires’ profiles and software. We then redeploy the hardware to the employees at your office or their home.

Boomerang is applicable to devices you lease from Devices For Teams AND hardware you already own. It is available to add to your subscription or on an ad hoc basis.

The Benefits of Storing Hardware

While repurposing is essential, storing idle hardware properly is equally important. Having idle devices cluttering up the office not only poses a hazard but also consumes valuable power resources. However, storing hardware in a safe and efficient manner ensures the devices are maintained, protected, and out of the way until they are needed again.

Finding affordable and secure computer hardware storage solutions can be challenging and that is why Devices For Teams has launched Boomerang for our clients.

It is just one of our specialist IT products that you can add to your lease. We also have SafeGuard for insuring your devices and Shepherd MDM for managing your flock of IT devices wherever they are.

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