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22nd December 2023

How Can Your ITAM Service Be More Streamlined?

Ryan Kelly

ITAM (IT Asset Management) services can be particularly useful for businesses when it comes to their hardware strategies, staff planning, and financial forecasting.

However, these systems can sometimes appear somewhat complex. This is especially true if your company has recently scaled up and is looking at engaging ITAM for the first time.

There are more of these services on the market than ever before, and many are coming from slightly different angles to each other. What unites them is the goal of providing comprehensive IT services for businesses.

Since every company has different needs, it can be helpful to have a better understanding of asset management services and the type of ITAM that will suit your business before jumping into the deep end.

Understanding The Value In IT Asset Management Within A Business

IT Asset Management services essentially enable businesses to monitor their inventory of computer hardware no matter where it is and oversee their application.

This can include overseeing the lifecycle of the device in terms of when it requires software maintenance, repair, recycling and updating. Asset management also concerns the configuration, deployment, and redistribution of computer hardware throughout the company.

IT devices are a significant and important investment whether you buy or lease, and so it is not unusual for the equipment to change hands several times within a company. Moving hardware around different staff can be beneficial to ensuring that you are fully utilising the equipment and not buying additional machines unnecessarily. This is why the reconfiguring and redistribution of hardware is such a central feature in IT asset management.

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Which Businesses Need ITAM?

All industries can benefit from ITAM services since nearly every sector in the world uses computers and digital tools in some form. Yet asset management tends to become relevant for medium to larger businesses that have a reasonable number of devices in their inventory.

It can be applicable to any company that has a decent collection of hardware, of which they need to keep track. Even smaller companies will benefit from ITAM if they have IT equipment spread over more than one office, or they have remote, hybrid and WFH staff using their hardware. ITAM is especially useful in scenarios where businesses have their equipment in various locations.

In these business settings, it becomes readily apparent why the services of IT Asset Management would be relevant. Since it allows them to monitor, track, deploy, retrieve, redistribute, and even store hardware in some cases. This gives businesses a more strategic handle on their IT hardware collection.

Companies can then make more informed choices about when to upgrade devices, when to add devices to their lease, when to repair vs replace, and how to best distribute their assets among their staff. This has the potential to save money, time and enhance productivity.

The problem is that not all Asset Management services are identical, and it can be tricky to find one that matches the objectives of your business. When choosing an ITAM service, it can be helpful to prioritise a highly streamlined system. This will prioritise user friendliness and efficiency.

But how can you tell if an IT Asset Management service is streamlined?

The Qualities Of A Streamlined IT Asset Management Service

  • Simplicity and no jargon – An ITAM service isn’t necessarily better just because it uses a lot of long words, confusing terms, and industry jargon. The hallmark of a good, streamlined service is that it is readily apparent what services you receive, and crystal clear how they will be implemented. It is hard for a service to be streamlined if you, as the client, don’t understand the service. Boomerang is Hardsoft’s asset management service. It does exactly what it says on the tin and helps businesses redistribute their IT hardware around the company and manage the device lifecycle for when you need repair or recycling. It is part of our All-in-One IT solution. Hardsoft aims to be a one-stop-shop where you can receive all your IT services from one supplier to help it be as simple and streamlined as possible.
  • Easy billing – Lots of confusing invoices do not aid your business to run more smoothly. With Hardsoft’s All-in-One IT solution, there are no third parties, and you can receive one simple monthly invoice for all our services.
  • Flexible usage – ITAM services are phenomenal for making better strategic and financial decisions regarding your IT hardware. Unfortunately, some of these end-to-end IT services currently on the market can be rather rigid. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and you may not require the same level of help as other companies, or you are not ready for that next step. Luckily, Boomerang is an ITAM system that is very flexible. You can utilise it on hardware leased from Hardsoft, or even pre-existing hardware that you already own. You can also either engage with the service on a subscription basis or an ad hoc basis, as and when you need it. What could be more streamlined than only having to access a service when you actually need to rather than being roped into a repeat service?
  • Comprehensive but tailored to actual practical business needs – IT Asset Management is often delivered as a product (like Boomerang) that is part of a family of products in an IT Services Management system (like our comprehensive Device as a Service solution). While being a comprehensive system is important, so that clients can get all their IT needs met from one provider, it is crucial that the services are tailorable to the individual business requirements. With Boomerang and all our other products, we offer consultations to help us match it to the operations of your business. Being properly tailored to your needs is the best way to keep a service efficient and streamlined.

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  • Solves real business challenges and makes operations easier – You might notice similar and very different services on offer from the various ITAM providers on the market. With Boomerang, we wanted to ensure that the asset management service solved genuine business challenges. Retrieving hardware from old staff and getting it ready for new hires is a problem that businesses come up against time and again. It can be one of the biggest time wasters. By taking this chore off our client’s hands, they can have peace of mind and focus on profit-driven endeavours.
  • Developed through research with real client experience by experts – Rather than picking services that we assumed businesses need, our Boomerang ITAM service is streamlined because its functions are based on what our clients actually need. We discovered this by doing research with our many business clients. This is why Boomerang is such a popular and streamlined service. When IT asset management is delivered by real IT experts who actually listen to their clients’ problems, you can create a truly proactive service.
  • Part of an all-in-one solution – A quality, streamlined IT asset management service is usually part of a wider end-to-end IT services management package. That is also the case with Boomerang. Having all-in-one IT solutions is the best way to ensure services are streamlined. When you can get everything from one provider, all the moving parts work together seamlessly, and it boosts efficiency.
  • Interlocks perfectly with other optional AM products to create the optimum, most customisable ITSM solution – Boomerang works perfectly alongside our other IT service products to deliver the ultimate solution. Boomerang helps businesses to redistribute hardware and takes care of all the logistics. It also looks after the device logistics throughout the whole lifecycle, including repair and recycling. Meanwhile, complementary products like our MDM, Shepherd, help businesses to monitor and track their hardware, and even control how they are used. Together they are the complete IT asset management system. They also complement our other IT services, including our Device as a Service hardware leasing, our SafeGuard hardware insurance, our device carbon offsetting, and our cloud data backup system, Squirrel.
  • A truly end-to-end system – All of our products working together create the complete end-to-end IT service. From consultation to choosing the perfect hardware lease, the financing of the lease, all the pre-configuration, logistics and deployment, maintenance, management, upgrades, repair and finally recycling. There is no IT service that is missed out. Everything you need can be provided in your package by Hardsoft.
  • Use Boomerang – Boomerang is the most straightforward and streamlined IT asset management solution available. Its helps businesses organise and redistribute their IT hardware throughout their company. You can easily retrieve hardware from ex-staff even at their homes, data wipe it, reconfigure it for your new staff and then redeploy it to their homes. Whether your business is spread over multiple offices, or you have WFH staff, it is the simplest solution to managing your computer hardware assets.
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