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17th May 2022

How Customisable Is PC Device as a Service Support?

Carissa Parnell

The support aspect of Device as a Service is one of its main components. In fact, the ongoing, in-depth support is what makes Device as a Service unique from other types of computer equipment leasing models.

All computer hardware leases provide devices and help to spread the financial hit into digestible monthly payments. While many leases do come with tech support wrappers, especially if they are from a high-quality provider, this is usually not at the same level as a Device as a Service package.360 degree support illustration

Support is at the heart of a Device as a Service computer equipment lease. The support will be more encompassing and attentive. Some examples of these enhanced support features could be:

Round the clock access – It is common in Device as a Service solutions to have faster and near-continuous access to support.

Various communication choices – Whether it’s live chat, email, or telephone support, your supplier is usually on hand in all these methods.

More hands-on support – It is common for Device as a Service teams to provide remote and in-person support to fix equipment errors.

Support beyond tech errors – There’s a lot more to support than just reacting to errors or problems. In Device as a Service, your provider can give advice on the best devices and how workers can get the full potential from their hardware. Your experienced Device as a Service suppliers can advise your employees on how to use the full range of features on their devices and how these can be best applied to your staff’s role for greater productivity. Strategic advice can help enhance efficiency in the office.

Management and maintenance support as opposed to just troubleshooting – A notable difference in the types of support offered by Device as a Service is the management support. With Device as a Service, your lease provider can help register your new hardware with suitable MDMs, allowing your managers to control how all company equipment is used. This can apply to devices in the offices, hardware sent to your staff’s homes, or even BYODs (bring your get support with devices for teams, support logo illustrationown devices). Managers can control which apps can be used, how data can be shared, and they can even wipe a device that is lost or stolen.

This is far more in-depth support than what other types of device-leases would offer, and it is a great tactical advantage for businesses. This kind of support can allow companies to do more with their devices. Not only does the support free up your IT department to focus on profit-driven work, but also your business can be more strategic in choosing the best devices for the right staff and unlock better ways of working.

While this is all beneficial, it is interesting to question just how customisable all this Device as a Service support really is?

Can I customise my Device as a Service support solution?

The ability to customise the level and type of support you receive would be very useful for many businesses.

Some businesses and industries might require different services and levels of support for various reasons, such as:

  • Affordability
  • Increased cybersecurity requirements
  • More rapid scaling and change within the business
  • Requiring specialists in certain types of hardware e.g., PC experts.

Unfortunately, not every Device as a Service package is necessarily that flexible. Thankfully, Device For Teams is one of the Device as a Service providers that ensure an extremely flexible, tailored, and customisable approach.switch devices

With Devices For Teams, there are several layers of possible customisation.

Firstly, there is a choice of two levels of Device as a Service. Many other providers do a one-size-fits-all approach, yet Devices For Teams wanted to ensure that Device as a Service was affordable for all.

This is why we developed Essentials Device as a Service – which is a simplified and pared-down version.

Then there is Premium Device as a Service – which allows for extensive customisation, for example, the ability to scale the device package up and down easily.

Devices For Teams also has highly customisable Support Packages. The Gold and Platinum Support options, alongside the choice of many optional add-ons, give businesses the opportunity to fine tune the right package for their company.

Devices For Teams – Gold Support

  • 3 years hardware warranty
  • Loan device
  • Ticket based Helpdesk with Unlimited UK Remote Tech SupportGold 360° Support Plan
  • Access to Online Support Portal
  • Support Incident Response SLA – 1 hour
  • Apple Business Manager
  • MDM Device Management Setup
  • Access To Solutions Mentors
  • Annual Onsite Visit
  • Pre-Configured Devices
  • Available on Existing Devices

Devices For Teams – Platinum Support

Everything included in the Gold Support +

  • Lifecycle Management
  • Quarterly Strategic Security Review
  • User Cloud Backup Solution
  • Quarterly Activity ReportingPlatinum 360° Support plan
  • Ongoing MDM Support Management

Additionally, businesses can customise even further by adding optional extras, such as:

  • Remote Consultancy Hours
  • Sophos Central Anti-Virus
  • Safeguard Protection cover

Another way that Devices For Teams is especially customisable is thanks to its engineers being certified and experienced with a variety of hardware. We have expert staff in both Apple products and PC products from all the leading manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft Surface.

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