20th June 2023

How DaaS (Devices as a Service) Supports Scaleups

Carissa Parnell

In order for businesses to transform into successful scaleups they need ample support services that allow them healthy cashflow and plenty of flexibility. This enables these companies to quickly shift strategies in their quest for rapid growth.

Device as a Service is a useful asset for scaleups because it offers them this flexibility, better cashflow, and support with all aspects of their IT.

How Are Scaleups Different From Other Businesses?

Scaleups differ from other businesses in a number of ways. For starters, they have already established themselves in their respective markets and are now looking to grow and expand swiftly. This means that they require more resources and support than other companies. They must change and pivot strategies very quickly to discover the key to fast, sustained growth. Driving more profit and expanding your workforce is no easy feat but that is what makes a scaleup.

What Are The Unique Challenges Facing Scaleup Businesses?

As businesses grow and expand, they face unique challenges that can make it difficult to maintain their momentum.

One of the biggest challenges is managing the increased complexity that comes with growth. This includes overseeing more employees, more customers, and more technology.

Another critical challenge is managing cash flow. As businesses grow, they often need more capital to fund their operations. This can be difficult to navigate, especially if budgets and funding are tight.

Of course, the biggest challenge is the uncertain state of the economy. If a war or recession happens mid-way through a growth plan, it can spell disaster for a business.

How Is Device as a Service Different From Other Computer Leasing Models?

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a model of computer leasing that is designed to address the unique needs of modern businesses.

Unlike traditional leasing models, DaaS provides businesses with the latest technology, as well as highly comprehensive support services, including maintenance and upgrades, for a fixed monthly fee.

While many computer leasing models include tech support, DaaS aims to go further by taking on numerous IT services for their clients and taking the burden off the business owners.

This means that businesses can easily manage their technology needs and avoid the high upfront costs associated with buying and maintaining hardware.

Why Is Device as a Service The Best Computer Leasing Model To Help Scaleup Businesses?

For scaleup businesses, DaaS provides a number of key benefits:

  • It allows businesses to easily scale their technology needs as they grow, without incurring high upfront costs thanks to manageable monthly payment plans
  • It provides businesses with the latest technology and support services, ensuring that they have the tools they need to succeed, including MDM management, tech support, maintenance support, strategic advice, cybersecurity, device lifecycle management, electronic recycling, and more.
  • It provides businesses with the flexibility to easily upgrade or downgrade their technology, and the number of devices that they lease as their needs change

What Are Some Of The Ideal Laptop Features For Small Scaleup Businesses?

Not all scaleups are massive corporations. Scaleup simply means to engage in rapid growth but this can be shortly after the startup phase so scaleups can come in all sizes and sectors.

That is why it is helpful for scaleups to be able to easily upgrade their devices throughout the lease, so their tech and lease size can grow with them.

When it comes to choosing the best laptop for small scaleup businesses, there are a few key features that businesses should research:

  • Portability is important, as employees may need to work remotely or on-the-go. This means that laptops should be lightweight and easy to carry
  • Performance is the most crucial feature, as employees may need to run multiple applications and perform complex tasks. Laptops should, therefore, have fast processors, plenty of RAM, and ample storage
  • Security is vital to every business. Laptops should have strong security features, such as biometric authentication and encryption

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a powerful tool for scaleup businesses of all sizes looking to grow and expand. By providing businesses with the latest technology and support services, DaaS allows businesses to easily manage their technology needs and avoid the high upfront costs associated with buying and maintaining hardware.

Additionally, businesses looking for the best laptop for small businesses should prioritise portability, performance, and security when choosing a device for their employees. With the right technology and support, scaleup businesses can continue to grow and thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

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