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7th October 2021

How DaaS Solutions Can Help Businesses Prepare For The Government’s Plan B

Andrew Morgan

Are key businesses struggling with changing circumstances that impact work operations?

While there are many scenarios that could impact business operations, few have affected work-style as dramatically as the COVID 19 pandemic.

The COVID vaccine programme has been very successful in the UK. As of early autumn 2021, nearly 67% of the population have been double vaccinated.

However, despite best efforts, coronavirus is not going to go away completely. It is now estimated that its threat level could be like that of seasonal flu, or a little worse in winter, and on the level of a bad cold for summer. However, even to reduce the threat to this level will take time.

While the vaccine programme has been aggressive and successful, there remain gaps in the system.

  • Mutations causing new variants that could be more contagious or deadly

  • For those who choose not to get a vaccine – it is still not compulsory

  • Those for who the vaccine has little to no effect due to severely compromised immune disorders

  • Those who are too young to get the vaccine

  • Break-through infections of the vaccinated.


Owing to these stumbling blocks, infections and hospitalisations are still going strong. The Government has, therefore, outlined a Plan A and Plan B for tackling COVID in winter 2021. Plan B will be enacted if the NHS begins to struggle too much.

DaaS leasing solutions can make the changing situation much easier for businesses to bear.

D4T all devices for all teams It doesn’t stop at the COVID pandemic. There will be other unpredictable situations and shifting cultural norms that will accelerate the requirement for a smart, but most importantly, a flexible approach to working.

DaaS solutions like Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams will allow companies detailed control while enabling a highly flexible approach to working for their staff.


Why Is Leasing More Adaptive Than Buying Computer Hardware?

All of Hardsoft’s leasing packages help businesses achieve two important features:

  1. Spread the cost of computer hardware

  2. Enable businesses to have a flexible lease


6 apple devices for £38 With a lease, it is far easier to customise how they work, upgrade them, and adapt. With rapidly shifting situations, such as those caused by COVID, businesses required a reactive device policy.

At a moment’s notice, staff could shift from working in the office to at home. Companies now need to be able to swap computer devices, return them, upgrade them, or remotely set them up and deploy them to staff at their homes very quickly.

This is much easier with a lease package compared to buying. When you buy a device, not only is it an:

  1. Expensive outgoing expenditure all in one go

  2. A breeding ground for device obsoletion

  3. Inflexible – no upgrades, no swaps etc. You’re stuck with what you purchased


work from home bundle You are also on your own. Your business is responsible for working out how to support staff who suddenly have to work from home again.

Leasing doesn’t simply spread costs; it provides support from experienced and knowledgeable experts who can help to tweak the lease to make it work for you.


How Will The Government’s Plans Affect Businesses?

This could be just one of many government plans that surface over the years to deal with the pandemic and other issues which could affect business operations.

Plan A should not hamper working in the office. Plan A is the best case scenario if cases and admissions to the hospital remain at a reasonable level.

It includes:

  • Booster jabs for over 50s and vulnerable

  • Vaccines for 12-15 year olds

  • More antiviral treatments

  • Continued free lateral and PCR tests

  • Some international travel restrictions

  • *Potentially boosters for frontline workers and maybe vaccination mandated for employment in this sector

  • *A general encouragement of meeting outdoors, opening windows and wearing masks in crowded places but no legal enforcement


Plan B is more stringent and will impact working in the office. If the NHS struggles with COVID hospitalisations it could come into force in winter 2021.

It includes:

  • Mandatory use of mask masks

  • Vaccine passports for certain activities and venues i.e. proof of vaccination to enter

  • Working from home

This may not be unique to 2021. The COVID pandemic could gain speed, other pandemics or crisis could happen. The reality is that a flexible approach to working is essential for businesses to thrive. Companies, big and small, require resources at their fingertips for rapid change in working practices when called upon.

arm your team with devices to succeed Working from home will affect many businesses and certain sectors will be heavily impacted by introducing vaccine passports. The logistics alone provide stumbling blocks.

The real issue is the speed at which these legal changes can take place. Businesses must be ready to shift at a moment’s notice and already have the logistics in place.


Why Is DaaS The Most Flexible Type Of Leasing?

Device as a Service or DaaS is a highly flexible, customisable, and adaptive type of lease. Since the focus is on service, it offers a close relationship with your lease providers. This gives you consistent access to expert knowledge and support.

Not only can Hardsoft provide the highest quality computer equipment, but we can also advise you on which hardware will be most suitable for your business and most useful if the situation changes, due to COVID or any other scenario.

switch devices for your business needs With DaaS, there are automatic upgrades built into combat obsoletion. Best of all, you can rapidly swap devices when the scenario changes for more portable, WFH options.

Your providers can help you manage devices securely when staff take them home and even deploy devices directly to their homes.

No other leasing solution has the adaptive speed and hands-on support of a DaaS package.


What is D4T?

D4T daas by HardSoft D4T is Devices For Teams. This is Hardsoft’s very own DaaS solution. It goes even further than other DaaS solutions for flexibility in these uncertain times.

Unlike many other DaaS packages, you can mix and match different devices from various manufacturers as we are accredited resellers of Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP etc.

D4T also provides two tiers of DaaS. There is an Essentials Package to make it more affordable, and a Premium Package, which is ideal for companies who want to reap the full benefits of swapping and upgrading devices.

windows devices for your team D4T packages are extremely customisable and Hardsoft can do a full review and analysis of your business in order to recommend and craft the best device strategy.

Having a device strategy and DaaS package in place will ensure you’re ready for any changes that government legislation can bring.

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