Obsoletion is a growing problem and DaaS can help

10th November 2021

How DaaS solves the growing problem of obsolescence

Andrew Morgan

Device as a Service is more than merely a leasing solution. While it offers greater convenience compared to any other leasing package, its biggest power is in truly solving the problem of hardware obsolescence for businesses.


What is ‘Obsoletion’ in the world of tech?

Obsolescence is a sliding scale. To be obsolete in tech means that the hardware is old and no longer being supported by software updates or maintenance.Old iMac that needs updating

However, it has taken on a new more pressing meaning in modern business. Obsolescence can also apply when the hardware is still supported but newer, better replacements have been released. These days manufacturers are updating their hardware and bringing out improved models at an ever faster pace.


What are the serious issues arising from obsolescence?

Outdated hardware can become more than just mildly annoying. If you believe utilising old devices simply equates to slightly slower or suboptimal performance, you’d be wrong.

Old hardware causing frustration for workplaces Firstly, that suboptimal performance is far more costly than you believe. Slower machines can add up to an overall large drop in productivity.

On top of this, it frustrates staff and impacts their job satisfaction.

Again though, these are minor, compared to the true cost of obsolescence.

Older hardware crashes more, leading to lost work, missed deadlines, and a general decline of the business, as well as extremely stressed staff.

Yet as well as the loss in productivity, increased downtime and rising costs, there are two big issues:

Security risks and compliance. The older the tech, the more it will succumb to security breaches and eventually become a legal and compliance risk.


Why is obsolescence a growing problem?

As technology, especially computer technology, advances at a faster and faster rate, devices become obsolete more quickly.

It was common in the past to own a computer for many years, but now there has been an accelerated trajectory. Manufacturers are constantly releasing upgrades every year, with improved design and more sophisticated applications.

Get 6 devices for your team on devices for teams Trends in the way we live, work, and communicate are also impacting the type of updates that our equipment will undergo. With increased homeworking comes a rise in telecommunication, therefore better native cameras and audio is a big push we see from manufacturers.

Other elements will be portability with far fewer compromises on power. High speed paired with long battery life is also highly coveted.

Another problem that pushes obsolescence to happen more quickly is the marriage between hardware and software. Operating systems and compatibility with third-party software is a big issue. Manufacturers will only support updates on old systems for so long.

All of these factors push obsolescence to happen more quickly.


So, why does that matter?

As we’ve outlined above, utilising outdated devices can be dangerous from a security perspective and can lose money with ever-increasing downtime. Quality of work can also suffer as staff lack the resources of competitors. To replace the device regularly in a buying supply chain would come at a huge, repeated cost to the company.


How can DaaS solve obsolescence?

D4T daas by HardSoft DaaS, or Device as a Service is built on a different premise than all other leasing subscriptions. It goes far beyond the support and cost spreading of other solutions.

With DaaS the emphasis is always on service. The focus of the package is on the relationship between supplier and consumer, and how the provider can make the service the best it can be. One aspect of this is a strategic approach to devices. Since the emphasis is not just on leasing devices to own, but rather on how to achieve the business’ short and long-term goals, a DaaS solution comes with built-in upgrades.

Premium offer for DaaS solutions At any time, a business on a premium DaaS solution, like Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams can upgrade their hardware to the latest technology. If new MacBooks are released, or there’s an even better Microsoft Surface Tablet on the horizon with better features, then the business can simply upgrade to those products. This makes DaaS the perfect solution to combatting the growing issue of obsolete hardware in the business.

Since obsolescence can cause huge losses in terms of downtime, cyber problems and more, DaaS can help businesses save money in the long term and achieve more of their goals.

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