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12th April 2022

How Does the Microsoft Surface SE Help Complement Existing Lesson Plans?

Carissa Parnell

The Microsoft Surface SE has many advantages for teachers and pupils to use in an educational setting.

These devices have been specifically developed for the school environment and have an array of features that make them perfect for this scenario:

  • Affordable to allow the rollout of 1:1 computing and thereby delivering crucial IT skills and more advanced learning to the next generation
  • Highly intuitive interface for both teachers and pupils
  • Simple to manage by staff
  • Easy and cost-effective to bulk buy
  • Streamlined deployment through Devices For Education TeamsMicrosoft Surface SE front view
  • Phenomenal tech support through your D4ET services
  • Outstanding security to keep pupils safe from both hacking, malware, and unsuitable content
  • Intune for Education to ensure teachers control how devices are used
  • No irrelevant distracting apps can be added
  • Comes with a collection of educational, productivity and collaboration apps pre-installed

Yet, what makes the Microsoft Surface SE so effective as a learning tool is its ability to enhance teachers’ existing lesson plans.

All educators know that crafting lesson plans is one of the most essential, albeit time-consuming aspects of teaching.

The Microsoft Surface SE can bring lesson plans to life through the power of one-to-one computing.

What Is One-to-One Computing?

The ability for each pupil to have access to their own device both inside and outside of the classroom for in-school learning and homework rather than having to share machines used only in certain lessons.

Why is one-to-one computing important?Surface SE Laptop side view

Almost every career in the world involves use of computers and some degree of digital knowledge. The amount of digital finesse required by most jobs is increasing all the time as computer tech advances and allows us to carry out tasks more effectively. Digital tech and hardware enable new innovations and advancements in all industries as it delivers efficiency and new ways of working.

It is, therefore, vital that the next generation grow up with adequate digital and computer skills to help them flourish in their career of choice.

Studies show that a digital divide between wealthier and poorer students is exacerbating inequalities in access to education. Unfortunately, the pandemic exaggerated these problems, as more learning went remote. However, it did at least shine a light on the importance of all students having equal access to digital technology in order to succeed in school with the same chances as their peers. It is estimated that close to one million children and their families do not have adequate access to computer equipment and reliable connectivity at home.

With its affordability and simple supply chains for schools, the Microsoft Surface SE is helping expand one-to-one computing.

But how does the Surface SE improve lesson plans?

In addition to expanding the rollout of one-to-one computing in the UK, the Microsoft Surface SE laptops provide teachers with superior tools to bring their lesson plans to life.

The Surface SE devices come with an array of technology and apps in built, such as:

  • Windows 11 SE
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Minecraft Education Edition

There is also the option for teachers to manually add a host of educational third-party software while avoiding any distracting apps.

These programmes boost collaboration and communication with pupils wherever they are.devies for education logo

Teachers can access software, including specialised lesson plan templates for a wide range of subjects.

Use Microsoft Teams to assign tasks, collaborate and support your pupils. You can even set up meetings, or host classes online.

Use Microsoft Forms to create quizzes and tests that can be auto-graded, track progress with digital grade books, and create student-specific learning goals.

With Microsoft Office 365, there are so many learning tools to unlock that can make your lesson plans more interactive, more fun, more collaborative, and better organised. With automation, you can save yourself so much time on admin tasks to give more time to high-quality teaching.


Microsoft also provides a wealth of educational toolkits for teachers to help you design effective modern lesson plans across all subjects.

Many mistakenly believe that computer equipment like the Microsoft Surface SE is only effective for teaching IT skills, but they can help you create innovative lesson plans in maths, English, history, physics, geography, and every subject you can imagine.

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