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25th March 2022

How Mobile Device Management Intune Can Benefit Your School

Carissa Parnell

Intune for Education is the perfect way for teachers to manage students’ devices to ensure a better and safer learning environment.

What Is Intune for Education?

Intune for Education is an MDM specifically created by Microsoft for the education sector. It is a simplified version of Microsoft’s standard Intune MDM to make it easy and straightforward for staff who are not IT professionals to quickly manage their pupils’ devices.

What Is An MDM?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. MDM systems like Intune for Education enable staff to monitor and manage how all their organisations’ devices are used, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops.Microsoft Intune for schools logo

In a business setting, MDMs are invaluable, particularly when some staff work from home, and/or use their own devices. All devices, both company and employee-owned, can be registered onto the MDM. This allows directors control over how company data is used. It adds layers of protection against data breaches.

In a school setting, with an MDM like Intune for Education, staff can control which apps pupils can use, how much screen time they have, and how they utilise their devices in the school and at home.

What Additional Benefits Can Microsoft Intune For Education Offer Your School?

Intune For Education can do more than limit what children can see. It also provides the right tools so they can carry out their studies more effectively.

Ease Of Use

What makes Intune for Education different from standard Microsoft Intune is how simple it is to use. The interface is incredibly intuitive and requires no special IT training. Yet it allows teachers the granular control required to protect children from inappropriate content while helping them focus on their studies with the best school-geared productivity and collaboration software.

Easy And Efficient Deployment

The other side of Intune For Education is how it makes deployment of schools’ new devices a breeze. Even the ordering and delivery of new computer hardware is trouble-free thanks to this system.

School staff will find that Intune For Education makes processes like this unproblematic and quick to implement.

More Deployment Efficiency & More Security With Intune For Education and Devices For Teams

HardSoft has extensive experience working with the education sector for many years, particularly with primary schools. Not only have we supplied hardware, but also assisted in the management of devices and supported schools in using their equipment to deliver the best experience for pupils, staff, and parents.

HardSoft is thrilled to see Microsoft finally releasing hardware, software, and support systems that are geared specifically for the needs of laptop SE front view

Schools and education centres can now benefit from a device that has been built for a school environment; the Microsoft Surface SE.

To complement these quality, but simple-to-use devices, Microsoft has also released Windows 11 SE. Numerous schools and their staff were consulted in the development of the devices and operating systems to ensure they help students concentrate on their studies without distraction, and do so safely.

Intune For Education then gives teachers the power to manage the new devices and control which apps can be added to the operating system.

To make it easy for schools to acquire these systems, it is recommended that schools use a solution like Devices For Education Teams. This is a DaaS (Device as a Service) supply model that helps supply the right devices and systems to schools.

It is a complete end-to-end solution in which school lease their devices for extremely affordable rates. Your supplier provides complete ordering, deployment, set up and configuration of devices with all the required systems and settings.

Additionally, with Devices For Education Teams there is also training to help staff use Intune For Education and the best educational applications.

Devices For Education Teams also provide ongoing management and support for all devices with a complete 360 support wrapper, so schools can always be assured they have the help they need and excellent cyber protection.devies for education logo

As a special offer to schools who are considering Intune for Education and Device For Education Teams, we’re providing 9  X Zioxi Charging Trollies + 270 Microsoft Surface SE laptops, along with our SafeGuard insurance and Gold Support Package for less than 50p per day per pupil with full installation and deployment.

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