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15th April 2022

How Safe and Secure is a Microsoft Surface SE Device?

Carissa Parnell

The Microsoft Surface SE has been created specifically for the education sector. Since its entire purpose is for use by children in primary school and early secondary school, security is a top priority.

Teachers and parents are naturally concerned about the cybersecurity of any device that a child might use. While access to the web and digital technology is undoubtedly a crucial asset for students, it can open up security risks:

  • Children have less experience with ransomware attacks, phishing scams etc. This can lead to more accidental breaches due to human error.
  • Cybercriminals often target schools’ devices and networks. This is partially due to children having less experience with scams, and secondly, due to budget constraints, schools often hang on to outdated, obsolete tech for far too long. These often expose vulnerabilities.
  • Too much screen time can be bad for children.Microsoft Surface SE front view
  • Pupils could accidentally be exposed to unsuitable content.
  • Recreational apps can distract from students’ learning experience.

Microsoft has considered all these challenges when designing the Surface SE. Subsequently, they have created a device that is not only cyber secure but has additional security that works specifically for helping children stay safe and focused on work.

Microsoft Surface SE devices have in-built security features, as well as additional systems and functionality to provide more control for teachers.

The equipment itself is secure down to the firmware level with encryptions, auto-locking when the laptop closes, camera, and USB security, and insights into device compliance.

This philosophy of security extends from the hardware to the software that the Surface SE can utilize.

Every Microsoft Surface SE is built for schools and comes pre-configured with Windows 11 SE for the education sector.

Windows 11 SE

Windows 11 SE on the Microsoft Surface SE helps make the devices more secure and a superior learning environment for pupils.

Windows 11 SE comes with essential software, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune for Education, and Minecraft Education Edition.

What makes Windows 11 SE so different from standard Windows 11 is that there is greater security since students cannot add additional apps.

Minecraft education App Store appAny apps that require installation cannot be added to the device by pupils.

This allows students to learn with minimal distractions, and protection from malware and adult content, while teachers maintain secure control.

Teachers can add third-party apps but only from pre-approved categories that aid learning, including:

  • Content Filtering apps
  • Test Taking solutions
  • Assistive technologies
  • Classroom communication apps
  • Essential diagnostics, management, and supportability apps

The result is a simplified and secure experience for both students and teachers.

To maintain the highest level of security all apps that teachers are able to add must have their binaries code-signed, all their files must include the OriginalFileName in the resource file header, and all kernel drivers must be WHQL-signed.

No third-party apps that teachers can add can bring any processes that might be used to jailbreak a Microsoft Surface SE device.

Thanks to these precautions in the operations system of Windows 11 SE, Microsoft Surface SE devices are incredibly secure.

Microsoft Intune For Education

The techniques adding to the security of Microsoft Surface SE devices does not stop at the hardware level or the operating system. Microsoft Intune For Education is another way that teaching staff can leverage greater control and make this equipment even safer for pupils.

Microsoft Intune For Education is an MDM (Mobile Device Management solution). Teachers can monitor how the school devices are being used and even block access if a device is lost or stolen.

What makes the education version different from the business version of Intune is how simple the system is to use. Microsoft Intune For Education is a highly intuitive piece of software with very little learning curve. It is a pared-down version of Intune that gives teachers control without overcomplicating any of the processes.

In just a couple of clicks, teaching staff can have control over how their students’ Microsoft Surface SE devices are used inside and outside the school.Surface SE Laptop side view

Additional Security With Devices For Education Teams

The inherent features of the Microsoft Surface SE deliver an excellent level of security, especially with Windows 11 SE and Microsoft Intune.

However, cyber-attacks have been rising in recent years and this is naturally a concern for parents and staff. These attacks have also become more sophisticated.

Thankfully, the security of the Microsoft Surface SE can be bolstered even higher thanks to Devices For Education Teams by Hardsoft.

Not only does this package take care of the:

  • Leasing solution for Microsoft Surface SE devices for schools
  • The ordering of equipment
  • The deployment of the devices
  • Logistics
  • Tech support
  • Teacher training
  • Upgrades
  • Ongoing management of computer equipment for schools

It also includes additional support that includes enhanced security measures.

The solution adds Gold level 360° Support with:

  • 3 years hardware warranty
  • Loan device
  • Ticket based Helpdesk with Unlimited UK Remote Tech Support
  • Access to Online Support Portal
  • Support Incident Response SLA – 1 hour
  • MDM Device Management Setup
  • Access To Solutions Mentors
  • Annual Onsite Visit
  • Pre-Configured Devices

For schools, this also includes SafeGuard Protection software. This allows damaged and lost laptops to be repaired or replaced lightning-fast for minimal disruption.

Microsoft Surface SE Offer By Devices For Education Teams

Primary schools can get their hands on

  • 9x Zioxi Charging Trollies 270x Microsoft Surface se offer for schools
  • 270 Surface Laptops
  • SafeGuard insurance
  • Full installation
  • Full deployment

… All for less than 50 pence per day per student!

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