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6th June 2023

How Shepherd MDM Makes IT Security More Affordable For Small Businesses

Steve Hill

Shepherd is a new Mobile Device Management solution provided by Devices For Teams.

MDM setup and assistance is one of the many IT services that we can offer as part of your IT hardware lease. Our DaaS-style solutions come with a host of associated IT services alongside your hardware and MDM is one of the most useful for protecting your hardware from data breaches.

MDM setup and management is an important and popular service because it gives businesses greater control over their IT hardware usage by employees and enables greater security.

Previously, Devices For Teams provided Jamf MDM for our Apple hardware clients, but we have now launched Shepherd, which is a highly affordable Jamf alternative.

Why Is Shepherd A Good Jamf Alternative

Shepherd MDM is more affordable than competitor Mobile Device Management systems on the market. Yet it comes with even more features, including functions that boost cyber security.

Jamf is soon to be discontinuing Jamf Now. This was their lowest payment tier of software and was ideal for smaller businesses. They will be auto-upgrading companies who were using Jamf Now to the next tier up, Jamf Fundamentals. This next tier is more expensive at £2.70 per user per week compared to the £2.20 they would have paid previously. Many small businesses using Apple products are understandably concerned and looking for alternative MDMs.Blog image showcasing Jamf vs Shepherd MDM

Do Small Businesses Really Need MDMs Or Cyber Security Protection?

Mobile Device Management systems are not elite pieces of advanced tech that are only used by large firms. MDMs can and should be used by businesses of all sizes to better manage their IT equipment and protect them from misuse.

MDMs are a big advantage when it comes to protecting businesses from cybercrime.

Small businesses are not immune to the threats of cybercrime. In fact, in some ways, smaller businesses are among the most vulnerable: 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. This is because many cybercriminals believe they have weak defences and won’t spend money to invest in cyber security.

Unfortunately, this view is warranted as 70% of small businesses are not adequately prepared for cyber-attacks.

Therefore, MDMs are a smart tool to add to your cybersecurity arsenal even for smaller companies.

However, extra software, and any extra services and features, can be a challenging decision for small businesses owing to smaller budgets.

This is why Shepherd is being offered by Devices For Teams. At only £1.95 per user per week, it is more cost-effective for smaller businesses to add to their repertoire.

Shepherd can save small businesses money in the long run by protecting them from cyber security breaches.

Shepherd can also save your company time by boosting productivity as it makes managing your IT easier, for example, you can remotely push security updates, apps, and content to all your business devices, including those used by remote staff

Why Small Businesses Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks:

  • Despite their size, they still hold important company and client data
  • Depending on their industry they could still hold client or company financial data, such as banking passwords etc, for example, there are plenty of small, start up FinTech firms
  • Small businesses believe that they lack the budget to invest in better cybersecurity
  • Smaller firms lack the workforce to adequately handle cybersecurity
  • They haven’t had the manpower or time to plan a security policy
  • They haven’t had the time or financial capability to train staff in cybercrime awareness, so they are more likely to fall for scams
  • Small business owners often have the mistaken belief they will not be targeted by cybercriminals because they are not a large company

Consequences can also be more severe for smaller businesses as they haven’t the budget to put the situation right and recover from the blow.

Fortunately, Shepherd MDM is the perfect way for small companies using Apple to keep a watchful eye over their flock of hardware.

Not only is Shepherd cheaper than other MDMs, but it actually has more features than most of the lowest payment tier MDMs of competitors. Many of these features can add to the layer of protection against cybercrime.

Shepherd’s Security-Focused Features:

  • Dashboards and Reports
  • User and Client Management
  • Profile Management
  • Scheduled or On-Demand Maintenance Routines
  • Real-time Device Monitoring & Alerting
  • Instant Remote Command Execution
  • Integrated Remote Control (Multiple options)
  • Active Monitoring with Automated Remediation
  • Dynamic Peer-to-Peer LANCache Software Distribution
  • Live Script Execution at a Global, Departmental or Individual Level
  • Up-to-the-minute Software Inventory & Status

This collection of features makes it simple for managers to review how their hardware is being used by employees, the device status, and it lets managers then take action to prevent and correct infringements or issues. For example, profile management allows you to control which users are in possession of your hardware and what permissions they have on that device.Blog image showcasing Shepherd MDM logo

Scheduled maintenance routines can help you keep hardware up-to-date and in tip-top shape, avoiding vulnerabilities.

Software distribution allows managers to add new cybersecurity software to all devices remotely and simultaneously.

These features allow managers to restrict access to certain apps, control how data is used and moved on the network, wipe stolen devices and push security updates.

These are just a few of the fantastic features and ones that can help with security, but there are many more features which can aid deployment, asset overview, management, and productivity boosting.

Shepherd also has many other features, such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Apple app support
  • 100% cloud architecture
  • Extensive MDM support from experts at Devices For Teams
  • Lower cost than competitors at £1.95 per user per weak
  • Fills an important gap in the market created by the discontinuation of Jamf Now

Smaller businesses using Apple can now confidently have the protection and benefits of an MDM without a stressful price point thanks to Shepherd.

For a limited time, Devices For Teams will transfer Jamf Now customers to Shepherd, so you won’t get stung by that higher price point of Jamf Fundamentals.

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