How to choose the right M1 Device

21st December 2021

How To Choose The Right M1 Device

Stan Milanovich

M1 Macs from Apple Silicon have taken the computing world by storm. They offer amazing speeds, efficiency, performance, and power coupled with Apple’s already existing reputation for reliability, security, and durability.

There are many reasons why businesses should consider upgrading to M1 Macs and the number one reason is the potential to massively boost your staff productivity.

However, with the release of M1 chips on multiple devices, including iMac, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini etc, it can be difficult to know which hardware will be best for your team. There is now also a choice of different chips in the MacBook Pro since Apple has released the M1 Pro chip and the M1 Max chip.

So, how can businesses decide which M1 hardware is right for their company?

The most important step is carefully reviewing your teams and how they work, then looking into your ongoing business needs and strategy.

How to analyse your business’s needs

There are four areas you need to consider. They are:

Your industry

Certain sectors that incorporate power-hungry software and technology will need more power than others. Creative sectors will need more of the MacBook Pros with Pro and Max M1 chips.

The tools your staff use

The software and technical tools staff utilise is also important. If there are plenty of heavy-duty tools in use, then this will be a consideration in which M1 device can deliver the most benefit.

The breadth of roles in your company and how technical they are

It is also the case that some departments might have greater power needs, whereas other departments could be areas to save money by having less high-powered devices.

Your budget

There’s no good only selecting the most powerful devices if it is not needed by your employees. Analyse the level of power and speed you actually need in the framework of your budget.

How to ensure you select the right M1 devices


You’re not alone in deciding the best hardware for your business. If you are unsure which M1 devices will meet your staff’s needs, Devices for Teams can conduct an evaluation of your business objectives and requirements. We analyse how you work and offer consultation on which array of M1 Macs will work best.


There’s no need to commit if you are unsure as we can let you trial all M1 devices over a 72-hour period to see if they are a good fit before making your final decision.

Book a session with a solutions engineer

Our specialists can help you tactically select the best M1 equipment for your business in our simple solutions session. You can book directly through our website. Book a session today.

Other benefits of M1 Macs with Devices for Teams


Devices for Teams are the perfect choice to deploy Macs with M1 chips to businesses. With our leases and Apple Business Manager, we can order your devices, remotely set them up and deploy them with a zero-touch system. The faster and most straightforward deployment programme for Macs.


When choosing M1 devices and leases with Devices for Teams, we can willfully configure all your staff’s devices, so they are ready to go out of the box. Each is tailored with the software and accounts that each individual staff member requires.


If your M1 Macs are going straight to the office, Devices for Teams can assist with the installation of your machines.


Our engineers have extensive knowledge of Macs’ hardware and software. We can manage all your ongoing device maintenance as part of your lease.


Devices for Teams can get you set up with an MDM and register all your devices on this system. We can aid you in choosing parameters so that you can control how your business’ devices are used whether employees are in the office or at home. Even BYOD can be registered into MDMs, so you know your business data is safe. This will give you granular control of your M1 devices and ensure they are used to further your business interests.


Apple Silicon has produced some amazing tech in the form of the M1 chips, but more will be soon to come. With many of Hardsoft’s leases, it is very easy to upgrade to the latest technology. With your Devices For Teams lease, upgrades are in-built into your contract, so your staff always have state-of-the-art tech at their fingertips.

Accidental damage cover

Nowadays, you might have noticed that warranties rarely cover accidental damage anymore. That is why Devices for Teams has added optional extra accidental damage cover in addition to our thorough warranties. This is completely free for Apple devices.


Devices for Teams assists our clients with the full life-cycle of the device, including the collection and recycling of older hardware.


If you already have Macs but want to upgrade to M1 hardware, Devices for Teams can help you save money by letting you trade in your old devices for cash.


Apple devices statistically have fewer technical failures and faults in the life of the device compared to other hardware. However, Hardsoft’s Apple experts can assist with technical support for all your Macs, including M1 devices. In addition, to support for faults, Devices for Teams can offer support such as showing you how to use your devices strategically for maximum benefit.

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